Q: Is it true that the word Gentile really just means Hebrews that traveled to other countries?

A: No. A Gentile still means the same thing it meant from Genesis 10:5 – The sons of Japeth.

John 7:35 Then said the Jews among themselves, Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles?

Dispersed among the Gentiles = one group of people. Gentiles = another group of people.

Apostle Paul did this in every city he went to. He first taught the Jews that were among the Gentiles, then He taught the Gentiles. It’s just an order of doing things, that’s all.

I’m agreement with the awakening of Israelites but I’m not in agreement with changing new covenant doctrines back into the old covenant ordinances. The whole “Gentile definition switch” is a form of deception, word tricks, and media manipulation you see among some Hebrews that I really don’t agree with.

It’s trickery to change the meaning of the word gentile. They try to change the meaning because they don’t want salvation to be for Gentile nations. They want to replace the authority of Christ with an ethnic barrier and a language barrier.

A lot of Hebrews are awakening but not to Repentance and Righteousness. Some are still demonized and unhealed from the trauma of fatherlessness, racism, sorcery, inferiority, etc. Then they find out their heritage and get excited and full of zeal but without repentance or deliverance.

Some are trying to use their newly discovered heritage to create a name, a brand, a platform, a channel, an image, or a movement for themselves…

So they are using these types of language tricks, mental sorceries, and condescending attitudes towards other languages as a tool to gain followers for themselves and divide the Body of Christ. But the true Body of Christ will never be divided.

Language should be used to communicate and enlighten people to the gospel of the Kingdom, not to divide and condemn different ethnicities.

What these men have to realize is its not wise to get your teaching from angry teachers on Youtube. Our Messiah came in Grace AND Truth, not just Truth.

So along with your study you also have to have a lifestyle of weekly fasting, prayer, and giving alms to go right along with your study of the prophetic Scriptures. You also must submit to New Covenant Ordinances, and New Covenant Authority and Fellowship. Without the Holy Spirit you’ll never see the whole Truth.

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