How Are those 7 Mountains Treating You?

I warned the Body of Christ over 7 years ago that the 7 Mountain Theology was nonsense… now we have the whole Church DIVIDED and AGITATED over politics, MENTALLY UNSTABLE thru entertainment sorcery and medical sorcery, and WORRIED about losing the “freedom” of their Twitter accounts.

This is so so sad. If you have the Scriptures and the Holy Ghost: YOU SHOULD BE FEELING AND DOING BETTER THAN THIS!

Newsflash from the Sea of Glass:

😱Twitter is a private business: they aren’t restricting anything but their own property.

😱America is not the Kingdom of God: it is Babylon, the New Roman Empire.

😱If you keep letting these hypocrites and entertainers seduce you – you will end up with the Mark of the Beast instead of the Mark of the Servants of the Most High.

PLEASE inbox me if you have questions or if you need Kingdom Discipleship to get yourself an accurate perspective of the Word of God.

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