5 Benefits of Guarding the Creation Sabbath

5 Benefits of Guarding the Creation Sabbath

1. You work smarter and harder the 6 days of the week. (I’ve never been more productive in my whole life).

2. Creative ideas flow when you rest, and your energy is refreshed when you take the seventh day of rest to focus on serving Yah and serving His people.

3. Yah will increase the effectiveness of your work when you give him the tithe of your week, the same way He blesses you when you give Him the tithe of your financial and agricultural increase.

4. Guarding the Sabbath makes your life an accurate witness and imitation of our Abba Father in heaven. His testimony is that He rested from His work on the seventh day of the week. When you imitate Him, you are showing and proving that YAH’s testimony is true, instead of changing it into a lie.

5. You are honoring the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who is the Lord (Ruler) of the Sabbath when you do Jesus’s work and/or Rest on the Sabbath day.

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