If 1/3 of the Angels could be Deceived, then So can You.

1/3rd of the ANGELS IN HEAVEN left the presence of a perfect, holy, all knowing, loving, Almighty God, that they could SEE – because they LISTENED to a deceiver…(Revelation 12:2-9).


We are no different today! We are no smarter than the angels. You are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to play with the devil.

The devil is NOT God’s adversary or archenemy. God ALREADY kicked him out of his place in heaven.

The devil can’t do anything else to God, or take any more angels away from Him! The devil is OUR enemy.

God created humans to love Him based on INTEGRITY and THANKFULNESS. He wants people whose hearts WON’T BE DECEIVED by the devil!

MEEKNESS means Soft Hearts turning back to Him and away from pride & deception! I hope you make it in!

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