The Final Revival and Awakening will be Natural AND Spiritual

The Final Revival and Awakening will be Natural AND Spiritual

I thank YAH for the grace that He is pouring out TODAY that saves our souls from worldly-mindedness and iniquity, but also allows us to overflow in the Spiritual while NOT neglecting the Natural side of life.

Many of the revivals in the past were short-circuited due to lack of balance and natural wisdom.

We need the Holy Ghost but we also need the Commandments of God.

We need the Healing and Deliverance but we also need Natural Health, Discipline, and Fasting.

We need to labor for the Gospel in the Harvest Fields but we also need to labor in the Gospel for our Homes, with our covenant marriage and children.

This is the Generation that seeks His face, “O Jacob!”

When this happens, it’s a wrap! The King of Glory will come in! (Psalms 24).

First the Natural, then the Spiritual.

Happy Sabbath!

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