Pagan Christianity vs New Covenant Christianity

At New City Assembly our goal has always been to preach the gospel and return our hearts to true Covenant Love – obedience to the Commandments of Jesus.

However over the past 2 years the Holy Spirit has been teaching us more and more about the eternal fruitfulness the comes from the ORDINANCES of King Yashua.

There are new methods, techniques, standards, and procedures (New Covenant Ordinances) that the Son of God introduced to replace the Old Covenant Ordinances from the Administration of Moses to the Israelites.

He introduced these so that the Kingdom of God could spread to all nations – much farther than what Hebrews, the physical seed of Abraham could do.

Unfortunately, modern day evangelicals tend to appreciate “Law & Order” when it comes to politics and police brutality- but they despise the Law & Order of the Father and the Son of God.

The Body will always be Divided💔 & Broken💔 until we stop trying to divide the Father from the Son.
“I and My Father are ONE”

We’ve developed a pagan christianity that focuses more on selling, stage performing, screen playing, and compromising the gospel than on actually PREACHING the gospel and TEACHING all nations to OBEY the Commandments of King Jesus.

I’m not going to go too deep into all that on this morning. You can search SoSpression dot com for more information on the Gospel, Commandments, and Ordinances of the Kingdom. Or you can search on our youtube channel and learn all day long.

But I do want to drop these two links on one of the most difficult New Covenant Ordinances to understand in our modern culture of feminist women and effeminate men – the Headcovering/Uncovering Ordinance.

The first link is a Scriptural explanation of the Headcovering/Uncovering Ordinance.

The second is a testimonial of my wife’s experience as we learned more about it.

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