God’s Fruit Bearing Process 

God’s Fruit Bearing Process::

  • Break up your fallow ground, sow not among thorns.
  • One plants, one waters, God gives increase.
  • One sows, another reaps, they both can rejoice together instead of being jealous of each other.
  • Then when you bear fruit, you get pruned to bring forth even more fruit.

Let’s learn to appreciate Gods fruit bearing process within ourselves and with others instead of hating on each other’s gifts and being prideful as if only our style of ministry is effective.

People who assume that the sharp word of of God automatically “pushes people away” only reveal the hardness of their own hearts.

You don’t know whose heart is being pierced or whose fallow ground is being broken up to receive the seed of the gospel or bear fruit.

The same sharp Word that hardens your prideful heart – the humble will hear it and be glad.

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