Q: Where do we draw the lines between mental health and demonic possession? My mother is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Does that mean she’s possessed? The symptoms of her diagnosis is why I can’t have a relationship with her. She tried to have my daughter taken from us by lying and saying she was being raped and I was being beaten. I don’t know if she believed those things or if she was being malicious.

A: I’m not an expert so I can’t say when the lines are drawn. Certainly some reactions are due to mental training, whether it be traumatic or instructive.

However, when idolatry, fear, fornication or unforgiveness get involved, I believe that demons “ride” on it and start to anoint or empower those reactions.

Demons can also anoint the people whose purpose is to inflict trauma and abuse, and spread that way also.

I know that I would be very messed up if I didn’t have prayer, fasting, forgiveness, repentance, healing, and fighting with scripture.

Confession and Counseling are also spiritual tools ( James 5:16, Proverbs 12:15) that can help.

I would guess that your mother has some type of demonic influence, since she has taken on the devil’s mission of breaking up your family. The schizophrenia might be a result of trauma, but the demonic element may be riding on it to carry out satan’s purpose.

You can take authority over the demons with prayer & fasting, and pray for her heart & mind to be healed at the same time.

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