Prophet: Purge YourSELF

If you can’t preach Repentance without bearing False Witness (lying, adding to, subtracting from His Word) or being Sensitive & Fearful (caring about man’s opinion more than God’s)… then go back to the Drawing Board (His Presence) and Handle your own personal issues first.

YAH needs PURE vessels.

“If thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth.”

Psalm 12:6 The words of the Lord are PURE WORDS: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, PURIFIED SEVEN TIMES.

1. The Word of God should not be added to or subtracted from.

PURITY of doctrine is a TRUST issue, and it keeps us from telling lies. Do you really TRUST God’s Word is enough?

Proverbs 30:5 Every WORD of God is PURE: he is a SHIELD unto them that put their TRUST IN HIM. 6 ADD THOU NOT UNTO HIS WORDS, lest he reprove thee, and thou be FOUND A LIAR.

2. God has a right to EMBARRASS YOU if you are disappointed in people’s fake responses to His Word. God is the powerful One – don’t disrespect Him by worrying about human faces.
Jeremiah 1:17 Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and SPEAK unto them ALL THAT I COMMAND thee: BE NOT DISMAYED at their faces, LEST I CONFOUND THEE BEFORE THEM.

3. Stand and Speak ALL that Yah commands, and Do Not Diminish a Word from it:

Jeremiah 26:2 Thus saith the Lord; STAND in the court of the Lord‘s house, and SPEAK UNTO ALL the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the Lord‘s house, ALL THE WORDS THAT I COMMAND THEE to speak unto them; DIMINISH NOT A WORD:

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