Get a WISDOM Education

Now More than Ever you Need to Get a Real WISDOM Education because this World’s Education system is Super Dumbed Down.

People are scared of Fresh Air and they Believe Screen Actors. They are begging to be injected with Poison and they don’t Like to Read or Research. Fact Checkers are hunting for Truth to Make sure the Lies aren’t Challenged. Money manipulates fake Science. Even Most Churches teach Rebellion Against God’s Commandments.

There Are No Shortcuts for YOU!
Nothing is Going to Change Except you.

No Documentary or YouTube video is going to straighten things out for the world.

No cultural hero is going to fix ANYTHING.


1. Theres 31 Proverbs. Read One A Day for every Day of the Month!

2. Read the Bible Cover to Cover Every Year! The Daily Walk KJV from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries is the one I use personally.

3. Develop a Love of Learning and Obeying what you Learn!

4. Help your children Do steps 1-3.

Watch Out for Lying Experts

Can I Get Wisdom from Other Wise People?

Yes, but never listen to anyone who paid tuition for the lies they were taught. Look for evidence of actual Wisdom: Humility, Balance, Results.

Did they throw away what they were taught when it didn’t work?
What did they learn after that?
Did it work?

Find the Fruits!

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