I thank God for slavery because…

“Go ye into all nations and enslave and oppress creatures that you hate, so that they may believe the gospel.” – stuff Jesus never said
The idea that we should be “thankful” for rape, oppression, slavery and sorcery because it helped a few of us become Believers in Jesus the Messiah is the absolutely most ignorant nonsense concept in fake Politikal KKKhristiandom. This only makes sense if you are under mind control.
– Jesus never asked His disciples to use sin or sorcery to spread His message.
– Political and Economic Conquest is the activity of WHORE BABYLON, not the Kingdom of God. His servants don’t fight earthly battles (John 18:36).
– Christianity was spread throughout Africa hundreds of years before slavery. It was actually Islam that destroyed most of the Christian communities in Africa.
– Israelites that were Scattered beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (Zeph 3:10) had the curses of Deuteronomy following them for their idolatry.
– Slavery was not a blessing, it was part of the curse. Obedience to the gospel brings back the Blessing.
– Empires that oppress people are NOT to be envied (Proverbs 3:31). On the contrary, they are destined for destruction (Habakkuk 2, Revelation 18).
– Your great grandfathers being cursed and hung on trees by a wicked nation was not a blessing. Thank God for JESUS being hung on a tree to become a curse and pay for your sins. That was a blessing that He died and rose again. 
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