Release the Truth, Don’t Suppress the Truth

Suppressing the Truth and playing it safe is NOT wisdom or leadership. Its described scripturally as unrighteousness, fear, and cowardice.

Fear is an abomination, and unrighteousness is the only thing that is motivated to suppress the truth.

They say they focus on salvation and the gospel but they are actually lying. They don’t preach the gospel the way Jesus did either. They simply suppress the truth in unrighteousness and fear.

If they had love they would rejoice in all truth. (1 Corinthians 13).

Releasing the Truth and not being afraid of the results, or the tough conversations that may follow takes boldness, faith, hope, and love.

Have confidence in YAH to defend and confirm His own Word.

When you let the Word of God LOOSE, a lot of other things are LOOSED also!

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