Jesus started the “house church movement”

These Scriptures aren’t accidental. They mean something! Form follows Function… the Lord Jesus instructed His apostles to make disciples house to house… and then He prophesied that He would rebuild the Tabernacle of David.

Are we making disciples house to house and building a house of prayer? or are we making spectators and building a house of oratory and performance talent?

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Don’t get it twisted:

JESUS started the “house church movement.”
ROME started the performance & stage show ministry.

  • Jesus raised and trained His disciples face to face, life on life, and house to house (Matthew 4-9).
  • He then trained them on how to evangelize face to face, life on life, and house to house (Matthew 10).
  • Then He filled them with the Holy Ghost and sent them to build congregations of obedient disciples face to face, life on life, and house to house (Acts 2-5).

In all those scriptures you see him preaching publicly, fellow-shipping, and eating with people in houses. In Matthew 10 he instructs His apostles to do the same thing when evangelizing. In Acts, you see His apostles continue to do the exact same thing to build the Congregation, in the exact same way that Jesus taught them.

Nowhere in the scriptures do you see Jesus teaching his disciples real estate business, signing entertainment contracts, or rehearsing performances.

But doesn’t Acts say the met house to house AND in the temple?

The Jewish temples and synagogues where the apostles preached the gospel were Unbelieving Jewish Temples. They went into those temples to preach Jesus to those that were hostile to the gospel of the Kingdom. It was outreach, not discipleship. Jesus never instructed His apostles to construct a competing Jewish Temple.

The “churches” that came from Roman religion based on performance and oratory were not instituted by the Lord either.

YES Jesus gave prophetic instructions for the “House of Prayer,” but this was not to be a temple based on the commerce of Jewish animal sacrifices or Greco-Roman oratorical and performance ministry.

It was to be a “Tabernacle of David” for all ethnicities based on prayer and worship. A tabernacle is different than a temple. The living body of saints is the new Temple. What goes on in a church building is completely up to the people in that building at that particular time.

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