iRepent: To the “Black” Hebrew Israelites… Please do more research.

My advice is to be careful with the whole “black hebrew israelite” doctrines. I don’t think they are really valid scripturally, I think its a doctrine created from pain and oppression. First of all, you are not black. Nor are you a Hebrew unless you are in Christ.

1st thing: correlation does not equal causation.

God’s laws apply to all people in principle, not just the Jews. Sin creates death just like gravity pulls you down. So just because Africans have been enslaved and appear to be walking in the curses of Deuteronomy doesn’t mean we are physically the seed of Abraham.

What’s more important is that we become spiritually the seed of Abraham. The spiritual seed of Abraham is by faith in Christ, not by bloodline or “race.”
Number 2: Race is a created construct of man. Its not reality. God never created race. God created languages, which turned into families, tribes, nations, etc. So any doctrine based on race is founded upon a presupposition of error. Race is an invention and device of man to manipulate and control you with sorcery. You don’t base any biblical doctrine on race… if you do, you’ll be on shaky ground.

If African based people are the children of Israel, then all of them would have to be. Or which ones are, which ones aren’t?

What about Native Americans… are they the people of Israel too because they have been oppressed and abused?

Overall: when you look at the oppression of man, your looking at the work and evil of man.
Physical Israelites know who they are based on Heritage and Language: As far as the Jews – most cultures are well established and a lot of people know who they are because their family history goes back thousands of years. Jewish culture is well established, they have written records, a long line of rabbis, etc. If you don’t think a Jew is Jewish, just go ask them and find out.

Part of the reason I don’t think that non-Jewish Africans are Jewish, is because non-Jewish Africans don’t know that they’re Jewish. If they were Jewish they would have a historical record of that, like the Ethiopian African Jews. Jewish culture is big on remembrance, records, and history. They actually know they are Jewish and have record of it.

Jews traveled and spread their faith even before Jesus came , so yes there is evidence of Jewish style customs in other cultures, that doesn’t mean everybody that converted to Judaism is a physical seed of Abraham.

I’ve read of Oluadah Equiano who said when he read the bible he saw some familiar customs to his homeland before he was sold into slavery. However he never claimed to be Jewish. We all came from Adam and had a basic idea of sacrifices and cleanness.

Nowhere in history do you see any record of Jews not knowing who they were, even when carried away captive to other nations and as slaves. Also if those being cut off from their heritage were jews… that would mean that there are nations all over the western portion of Africa that have historical records that they are Jewish. The slaves came from tribes in the western portion of Africa. Where are those records?

Also, if God split the people of Babel up by language, then you have to show me the cultures in Africa that speak or write a language that looks like Hebrew. That would be an effective way to prove that the lost tribes of Israel are in or from Africa. However, no one has any proof of any other nations speaking Hebrew other than Israel.

How did American Racism Start?

Because America operates on a caste system based on race. When slavery first started out in America, it was just regular slavery. There were Irish slaves, Native American slaves, slaves from all over Europe, and most were temporary.

When former slaves started demanding more rights as citizens, rich landowners began a divide and conquer strategy. This is where race began and racism started. They took away the few rights that the African based slaves had and gave more rights to the European-based slaves.

This made “black” slavery into a permanent state enforced by governmental law. The racial caste system continued even after slavery was officially ended in the form of Jim Crow, lynching, destruction of successful African American communities, redlining, war on drugs, white flight, etc.

Racism is mostly based on the corruption of what is done, and wickedness and greed of man. Racism is not punishment for African people for refusing to keep the law of Moses. Ecclesiastes says “Marvel not when you see a oppression in a province, because there is someone higher than they are.”

If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province,marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.
There is always somebody higher than the oppressors… and He sees everything.

Don’t Internalize the Sorcery of Racism

My recommendation is for everyone who is descended from Africa and doesn’t know exactly which tribe or nation is just to call themselves African- based, or African-American. To me that is important because it connects you to a land that God gave your forefathers, Not to a “race” caste-based system that was invented by wicked men to oppress you.

Freedom is found by continuing to mature in obedience to the Word of God. Liberty is found by following after the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Liberty. You become a seed of Abraham and part of the blessing to all the families of the earth by believing in the Messiah Yeshua aka Jesus Christ – no matter what tongue, tribe, language or nation you descend from. We are all one Body in Christ.


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