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Q: So, I’m pretty much convinced that African Americans are Hebrews, but my question is where do we go from there? What difference does it make, if Paul says in Christ we are neither Jew, Greek, bond, free, etc. Did Christ do away with the differences or is there still something to it?

A: You are absolutely right, it doesn’t matter for salvation, or for spiritual identity. If you are in Christ, our ethnicity doesn’t matter. The new covenant in the blood of Jesus did away with the ceremonial and cultural requirements to fellowship with the Most High. Also, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you will be led by the Spirit to obey God and keep His commandments. So you are right that your heritage doesn’t matter for salvation.

But, it does matter when it comes to understanding bible prophecy. For example, when you can read the bible and see who’s who it helps clear things up and makes the bible more real.

When you see God’s prophecies actually happening in real life you both the scriptures and the world becomes an open book.

Another benefit of this understanding is that it helps you see that bible prophecy is specific and exact… instead of simply poetic and general. This also helps you to respect God even more, and respect His Word much much more.

If Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, and various prophecies throughout the Old testament are more than just vain, poetic threats, this makes you fear the Lord and realize that His word is true.

Another reason it matters is that it helps you understand today’s problems, racial tensions, political tensions, etc. When you know that your past goes beyond slavery and that the answers, solutions, and prophetic future was already written, you can see life a lot more clearly. You can avoid all the liars and manipulators as well.

Where do we go?

Once you know the truth about what you see in the Bible and you can connect it to what you see in real life, don’t tolerate any more lies.

For example, my race is not a color of skin, but I do have an ethnicity that comes from a nation that has a biblical history.

Also when you have a natural identity that goes beyond color, then we can realize what it actually will take to be blessed “as a group” instead of being cursed “as a group.” We have to repent “as a group.” Which means we cannot be afraid to call ourselves who we actually are.

Not to mention that Romans 11 connects the opening of the eyes of the Scattered Israelites to revival in the Body of Christ and the 2nd coming. So if you are asking where do we go once we find out that we are Hebrews… I think Worldwide Revival and the 2nd coming of the Messiah is a great place to go!

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