Choose Servanthood instead of the Mark of Cain

Cain didn’t repent for giving YAH a selfish offering.

Cain didn’t repent for the iniquity of envy in his heart.

Cain didn’t repent for his iniquity turning into the full grown murder of his innocent Shepherd brother Abel.

Cain recieved punishment for his sin – AND STILL DID NOT REPENT.

Instead, He COMPLAINED. He complained that his punishment was too harsh and that everyone would kill him (even though he was the only murderer in the earth).

Instead of killing Him immediately for this nonsense – God gave Cain a Covenant of Vengeance. Anyone that killed Cain would be revenged sevenfold.

Cain and his seed became UNTOUCHABLE – WHILE REMAINING EVIL and REFUSING TO REPENT. They could build cities and rule over others at will because they had the mark of Cain – the power of vengeance.

The Greatest Punishment YAHUAH can give ANYONE is a hard heart!

This is the Punishment from God that LOOKS LIKE a blessing from God because you become INVINCIBLE, and you get to be the ruler of other evil people, and you get exactly what you want in life, temporarily. But when Cain’s Kingdom falls you will fall right with it!

Choose Submission.
Choose Purity.
Choose Obedience.
Choose Repentance.
Choose Forgiveness 70×7.
Choose Baptism into a New Life!
Choose the Holy Spirit of God in the Name of Jesus!


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