Black Church? White Church?

I refuse to verbally participate in the divide and conquer church racism. There is no black church, there is no white church. It’s not in the Bible. It wasn’t at Azusa Street. It’s garbage, a deception, a thief and a robber and I won’t tolerate it.

Genesis 11
Acts 2
John 10

3 Responses

  1. Esosa, I know my thoughts are late, and while I truly believe in a church “universal”, I have observed cultural differences (like most people) in what are referred to as the “Black Church” and “White Church” in the USA. I’m Afro-American or Black, and have experience going to churches where folk primarily looked like me. I also have ‘been a member’ of churches where my complexion was not the vast majority, and even attended a “Christian College” where the culture I happen to have been reared in (my experience) was the minority by far. Here in southeastern Michigan, I’ve noted primary dissimilarities in the preaching styles/methods and music of the two church cultural factions previously mentioned. One has to be both deaf and dumb not to notice, and I’m sure (literally) that such differences are not germane to this area. Again, I’m a proponent of the biblical idea that there is one worldwide church of all times that is well-blended with Jesus, the Son of God, and God, the Father. How does one deal with this subject without getting deterred and/or detoured by modern technical jargon?

    • Hi Desmond… Great thoughts you have there.

      I think a true understanding changes our vocabulary. The Church is the Lord’s Body. Black cultural expressions of worship are not “Church”. White cultural expressions of worship are not “Church.”

      Every tribe, tongue, and and nation is destined to give the Lord Jesus Christ an offering of themselves.

      However, I think that’s going to be done organically, with one mind, not by divide and conquer vocabularies.

      I think it also helps to take the biblical vocabulary stance of church defined by “location” not by “ethnicity.” i.e., the Church of Detroit, the Church at So & So’s house… etc.

      • To this day, I can recall a several worship songs in the language of Portuguese when I went on a missions trip to an orphanage ministry in Mozambique, Africa while I was in college. I never studied Portuguese, but the songs are embedded in my memory because the Spirit of God was so prevalent these Mozambican kids and worldwide missionaries sang (who cares that I didn’t exactly know the language). My point is that I agree, every tribe and nation glorifies God in their own tongue, and one day, somehow, all people groups from all of history will understand. It’s sort of like the “Day of Pentecost”, when folk spoke in languages that only the Spirit could’ve revealed. The primary language was worship of the true and living God.

        What irks me, and I imagine it annoys God, is when one American denomination and/or American cultural group and/or any religious faction claims to have some kind of corner on God. As if everyone else is worshipping wrongly, etc. because they are different. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe folk have to make stands at certain points, but some folk are just spiritually arrogant. (kind of reminds me when some biblical character prayed something along the lines of: “I thank you, God, that I’m not as lost as he….”) Of course, you know the passage (I think it’s in John somewhere) when Jesus speaks of how all Believers are “joined together in one body…”, well, that is how I imagine heaven to be (though I only see through a “dark glass” for right now). As an Christian that happens to be American, I think we Americans too often speak with “conquer-and-divide vocabulary” or colloquial “Christianese” that prohibits some folk from knowing God. I think God is so much bigger than our limited presentations of Him, and it should not be so difficult to speak of the things of God by using this word (with it’s commonly implied meaning) or that language from that cultural group.

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