So sad to see a Holy Movement turn into a Corrupted Market: We are NOT like MANY who Corrupt the Word of God.

So sad to see a Holy Movement turn into a Corrupted Market. Body of Christ please get the thieves out of the house of prayer and get the wolves out the sheepfold!!! Lives are at stake for our laziness!

God needs people who will die for the truth, not people who will corrupt and peddle the message.

*[[2Co 2:17]] KJV* For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

In order to understand that scripture you have to understand the word “corrupt”. It carries the connotation of watering down, to make extra profits.

Transliteration: kapēleuō
Phonetic: kap-ale-yoo’-o Thayer Definition:

1. to be a retailer, to peddle 2. to make money by selling anything a. to get sordid gain by dealing in anything, to do a thing for base gain b. to trade in the word of God 1. to try to get base gain by teaching divine truth c. to corrupt, to adulterate 1. peddlers were in the habit of adulterating their commodities for the sake of gain

Origin: from kapelos (a huckster)

Does that means Christians can’t sell anything with biblical instruction in it?? Proverbs 11 says a blessing is on the head of him that sells his surplus food. Psalms 66 says “the Lord gave the word, great was the company of them that published it.”

God has a message to get to a generation. His mercy endures forever, his truth to every generation.

This message is hard, it’s a cross, it may bring suffering or loss, it requires holiness and sacrifice.

You can be faithful to it, or you can corrupt it and peddle it.

“we’ll reach more people without all that preaching and complicated truth”
“it’s all about getting more people anyway, people don’t want that spiritual extreme”
“let’s remix it with this secular idolatry so we get more attention”
“it’s so hard to be a divider, let’s just find the least common denominator, and brand it to as many people as possible”
“doing it this way reaches more people, which means more money, and its all about reaching people anyway”

All these types of thoughts are substituted for obedience. They seem wise, but they actually delay Gods true purposes and cause people to be led astray and burn in hell.

If you lead 100 people down a narrow road, and the swerve to the left because the wide road, that looks like its going the same way, fits 1000 people: You have just led 1000 people off the narrow road that leads to life and into the broad road that leads to destruction. Selah.

Paul said that there were many false apostles that followed him around, corrupting his message and disguising themselves as wiser apostles. They were really messengers of Satan.

2 Corinthians, and even most of the new testament- is all about teaching true messengers to defend against false messengers that sneak in to corrupt the truth.

It’s the same today, there are “many” who “peddle” and “corrupt” the word of God.

There are false messengers and blind leaders that don’t see the beauty of holiness or see marketing as a way to communicate the whole message; but they look at God’s people and see a market to conquer and make more profitable by spiritual cost cutting and “cross cutting.”

Their negative spiritual impact is mind-bogglingly huge, but they will never know, because they are spiritually blind. So they just “wait till judgement day” to find out that they were the workers of iniquity that Jesus never really knew (Matt 7), or that their work was as useless as hay & stubble (2 Cor 3).That’s why true Servants of God must warn and be warned with aggressive vigilance.

This is why you have to focus on being a true messenger for Jesus that makes disciples instead of a false prophet that gets the praise if the masses.

And also why you can’t fear death or loss if you really want to obey God.

In the book if Nehemiah, Tobias was the person who opposed and plotted against Nehemiah when he was building the walls of Jerusalem (symbolizing holiness and protection). But then after he failed to stop them, he did so much business with Jews that they gave him a room in the temple, and kicked out the Levites- who God set up to be the power source of worship & prayer for the Kingdom of God- but they kicked them out for business reasons, of course. So the levites were working in the fields and the thief and enemy of the truth was living in the house of prayer.

Get them out! A generation could be lost if we dont get this right. True revival diverted and delayed means lost souls.

Corrupting the Word of God makes it easier to sell, but in the long run more people end up in hell. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

Sometimes the TroubleMaker is Really the PeaceMaker

Those in authority called Elijah the “troubler of Israel” because they wanted to continue mixing their idolatry, baal worship and murderous ways into the kingdom of God without interruption.

*[[1Ki 18:17-18]] KJV* And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim.

But really they were the troublers of Israel and Elijah was sent by God to bring true peace back to the kingdom of God.

Jesus didnt say to be a peaceKeeper.. Sometimes you have to confront things and be a peaceMAKER.

*[[Mat 5:9]] KJVLite* Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Dogs Return to Their Vomit: When you Call to mind the place that you came out of, you have an opportunity to return

*[[Heb 11:15-16]] And truly, if they remembered, called to mind, and had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned.
But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

Whose returning to the sin they came from… and who’s desiring a better, heavenly place?

You go where you want to go.

When you call to remembrance the place that you came out of, you have an opportunity to return.

*[[Pro 26:11]] KJV* As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

Real Christ followers are looking for He who makes All things New. We are eager for His Creative Spirit and for His Return.

Ike 27:9 ChalkDust- Spiritually Violent Repentance

I almost flipped when i read this this morning. Never “seen” it before in my life.

[[Isa 27:9]] KJV* By this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be PURGED; and this is all the FRUIT to take away his sin; WHEN he maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, the groves and images s
hall not stand up.

– Our iniquity is not purged and our repentance has no fruit UNTIL we beat the idol stones into chalkdust, rip down the props of idolatry, and tear down their images.