The Accuser Cross Examines you to try to Silence your Testimony

Never let the Accuser try to cross examine you for telling your honest testimony. A testimony is a testimony – let God’s Word be the Judge.

If something bad happens and you give your testimony, it doesn’t mean you are bitter, it doesn’t mean you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you are permanently hurt.

If you walk with God you’re more likely healed, happy, and promoted. When you try to get revenge it means you are bitter. When you tell your testimony it means you’re honest, and you are entrusting yourself to God to Judge rightly.

It’s the Accuser’s job to try to destroy your testimony by cross-examining you to try and silence you. Why? Because the Accuser knows that if you tell your testimony that’s the final part of how you overcome him (Satan). He wants to stop your complete victory and try to conquer others.

The next time the Accuser tries to cross-examine you, tell him to Examine the Cross!

Rev 12:11