Unity or Politics?

Christian Unity is not about ecumenical unity and just getting together politically and bowing down to the Pope… Its about Unity in the TRUTH of Jesus Headship. That’s easy for biblically sound believers to understand.

In the same way, Ethnic Unity is not about uniting under the sorcery of racism, or finding enough people that are compliant with racism and bowing down to America… its about finding out the TRUTH and Uniting in Jesus Christ. That should be easy to understand also.

Don’t talk about reconciliation if you are scared to confront the lies of this empire. Reconciliation needs truth and honesty in order to be authentic. Fake political games are easy, truth is hard.

No Shortcuts to Unity and Love

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Unity comes thru Agreement!
More Truth Creates more Unity!
More Truth Creates more Covenant Love!

So if you want more unity and love, spread and LIVE God’s absolute truth so people can agree with it!