Secular Remixes Give Glory back to the Servants of Satan

Here’s the effect of every single Panda Remix done by a Christian artist:

every single remix:

– drives more recognition to the original artist

– drives more marketing to the original label

– drives more honor and revenue to the original producer

– drives more glory and worship to the original inspiration – a group of Demons called Covetousness, Pride, Lust, Aggression.

This is why Jesus warns us against feeding God’s people food that has been sacrificed to demons.

This is why humble servants of God will always make music with Holy Spirit creativity and originality.

Apple stuck to their Principles and Ended up on Top

I love the Spirit of wisdom on this guy Todd Shannon!

He analyzes the principles that Apple used to dominate the market and applies them to ministry to show that over time, If you stick to the principles of technical wisdom, spiritual sanctification, kingdom business standards, and artistic creativity –
You can prosper more than if you compromise and selling yourself by any means necessary.

Excited about Christian music?

Grow Up

Baby Christians are so excited when Christian music does well, as if that means anything different is happening.

Whether you look at sales, influence, or where the industry draws (aka steals) their talent from, Christian music and Christian musicians have always done well.

The only difference now is that the Spirit of Wisdom and advances in technology have leveled the playing field and made the comparisons easier.

This can be a good thing, but if you don’t have the heart of God, the increase in technology can also be a bad thing. Because now mixture is easier, compromise is easier, syncretism is easier, hypocrisy is easier, false converts are easier to get, and Sheeps clothing is easier for the wolves to wear! Meanwhile God is still looking for true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Look for Real Fruit

Christians have always made quality music. God is the creator, and the world has always stolen from our music and our musicians and singers.

Let me know when the artists, producers, singers & musicians have Godly families and Godly children and praying churches instead of homosexuality, divorce, adultery, apostasy, dead men’s bones, and the love of the world.

Real Godly fruit and corrupt fruit always shows up over time. In Matthew 11, Jesus said “Wisdom is justified by her children.”

Spiritual Reprobates LOVE anointed and godly music. Obeying the Word – not so much.

5 Reasons the Fruits of Earthly Minded Ministries are Corrupt and Poisonous:

– 2 Cor. 10 comparing yourself to others, especially the world is not wise.

– Romans 10. Faith comes by hearing the (Rhema) Word of God, that is spoken by a preacher, not a hypocrite. Matthew 23 Pharisees made converts that were twice as hell bound as they were – because they were hypocrites (covetous talented actors).

– John 15 The world only loves it’s own, so distancing your ministry from the church and from the name of Jesus to get success in the world is not Christlike at all.

– Matt 11 wisdom is justified by its children. Wait 7 years. The fruit of this type of “ministry” has been family and church destruction for generations. Look at the lives of Christian music stars since the music industry started (even Rosetta Tharpe and James Cleveland). Divorce, homosexuality, adultery, rebellious children, etc.

-‪ 1 Cor 13 Love rejoices NOT in iniquity (Satans original iniquity is self promotion of his talent and merchandising skills over obedience to God see Ezekiel 28 ), but rejoices in truth.

Christian Hip Hop or Christian Rap?

Hip Hop vs Rap

2 Timothy 2:14
Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.

I don’t often get into the whole hip-hop versus rap debate, because it’s a quarrel about words, and often ends up being a waste of time. When someone wants to strive & argue about words without a clear definition of those words, they are not trying to help you – they are trying to subvert you, i.e. destroy your identity.

Let’s seek knowlege and understanding, and end the debates, so we can focus on Christ.

Simple Facts and History

Where did the word “hip hop” come from?

The etymology of the word hip hop extends from two different words.

“Hip” is a word that means cool, current, and in the know. That word has been used since 1898.

“Hop” is a movement that takes energy to lift your feet from the ground.

The term “hop” has also been used to denote a party with dancing.

Everybody’s heard the Christmas song: “Rocking around, the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop” is a song written in 1958, by Brenda Lee.

The actual music & expression was originated by a DJ, Kool Herc in 1973. All it was was a dj spinning a party, and deciding to repeat the breakbeat on 2 records instead of just spinning one. This, plus his rhythmic microphone talking a.k.a. rapping made it easier for people to dance.

A few years later, Zulu Nation “Culture” was originated by Afrikan Baambata… who was a gangster who liked the way DJ Kool Herc remixed music. He switched his gang from crime to music in 1975 when he started djing.

Hip Hop in the business was originated by promoters and businessmen in the late 1970’s. The phrase “hip-hop” was coined by a rapper from the Sugar Hill Gang on the widely promoted song “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979. This is where the word “hip-hop” became its own term.

Hip Hop the religion was originated by KRS one in the late 1990s. He made it up.

All these men are still alive as of today. But which one originated the actual music? If you look at a calendar, the originator was obviously DJ Kool Herc. For the originator (not the followers), it was just a new way to mix music and motivate the crowd at a party. The actual term “hip hop” was just two separate words that were put together by a rapper to describe the new form of party music.

Understand this: there is no sin in inventiveness, creativity, technology, or in the spirit of wisdom. These things come from God.

However there is sin in joining with idolatry, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

Babylon’s Confusion vs Kingdom Accuracy

So why is hip hop called so many different things? Is it a gang, a culture, a business, a religion? Or is it just music and expression? Does it even matter?

Babylon is all about confusion, and men trying subvert others. I’m more concerned about teaching people how to be “Christian” – whatever they call their music. Teaching people how to really follow Christ is my goal.

Because you could call your music the so called “right thing” and still be wrong as the doctrine of Jezebel or the error of Balaam. You could have the right title and still be a syncretistic idol worshipper presenting Jesus as one god among many. What’s more important is to teach people how to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

If someone says: “I hate hip hop, I only do Christian rap!” But they still copy the world, they still follow the doctrine of Jezebel and Balaam, they still won’t serve or support their church financially, they still want fame and a record deal with Babylon, and they still want to buy & sell and promote their books, cds, dvds, brands, etc. in the church (which is supposed to be a house of prayer)… Then what’s the point? They are no different than the world system, even if they grabbed the so called “right title.” There is no spiritual profit.

All the zeal, passion, and conviction in the world, without the passion to seek the knowledge that goes along with it…. can be very unfruitful. God is sending out sharp arrows not random buck shots.

In other words, if you are arguing between the words hip hop & rap, you’re in the wrong argument! Instead of worrying about hip hop vs rap let’s define what a “Christian” is!

Sight Reading vs Phonics

A newer way to teach children to read is sight reading. It gets quicker results and quicker confidence because it teaches children to look at pictures and words and memorize them.

However, in the long run, teaching children phonics – which is how to break words into pieces and sound them out- produces better readers. The shortcut is easier but the fundamental method produces stronger results.

In the same way, it’s better to teach someone concepts from the Word of God and give them permanent building blocks of understanding than try to have them “sight read” based on debatable concepts. Sight reading can get quicker results, but also can cause fundamental understanding to be lacking.

Shortcuts to Holiness don’t Last Long

In the same way we could get quick results by teaching people that TV is demonic and was invented by a Satan Worshipper. Whoever believed you and threw away their TV would probably benefit greatly from it. They would be smarter, less covetous and lustful, and their family would communicate better.

However, even though it would benefit the person that believed it, that doesn’t make it necessarily true. It’s better to teach people in truth and from the heart how to limit or eliminate their television viewing based on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Truth that is implemented from understanding and from the heart usually stands the test of time. The Word that is implemented without solid understanding can be easily stolen or lost in tribulation (Mark 4).

Let’s not lose focus on Jesus Christ.

Don’t get caught up in unfruitful and questionable arguments with people whose goal is to subvert you with zeal. Just be a true minister of the Word of God and the purity of Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:2
2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

Proverbs 19:2
2 Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.

Christian Hip Hop false glory Decoded

Christian Hip Hop false glory Decoded: “Yo, you know it’s like I can’t even take credit for the crazy success the album has been having. It’s really just the sovereignty of Baal, it ain’t even me, dog! I mean, when you are as talented as I am you can’t just work with anybody. I’m not just some church boy trying to rap… I pay my homage to all the false prophets that came before me in hip hop, that’s why I get so much respect. If Jezebel wants to use me to reach the youth, then praise Baal, i guess that’s why the crowds keep getting bigger!