Excited about Christian music?

Grow Up

Baby Christians are so excited when Christian music does well, as if that means anything different is happening.

Whether you look at sales, influence, or where the industry draws (aka steals) their talent from, Christian music and Christian musicians have always done well.

The only difference now is that the Spirit of Wisdom and advances in technology have leveled the playing field and made the comparisons easier.

This can be a good thing, but if you don’t have the heart of God, the increase in technology can also be a bad thing. Because now mixture is easier, compromise is easier, syncretism is easier, hypocrisy is easier, false converts are easier to get, and Sheeps clothing is easier for the wolves to wear! Meanwhile God is still looking for true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Look for Real Fruit

Christians have always made quality music. God is the creator, and the world has always stolen from our music and our musicians and singers.

Let me know when the artists, producers, singers & musicians have Godly families and Godly children and praying churches instead of homosexuality, divorce, adultery, apostasy, dead men’s bones, and the love of the world.

Real Godly fruit and corrupt fruit always shows up over time. In Matthew 11, Jesus said “Wisdom is justified by her children.”

Spiritual Reprobates LOVE anointed and godly music. Obeying the Word – not so much.

5 Reasons the Fruits of Earthly Minded Ministries are Corrupt and Poisonous:

– 2 Cor. 10 comparing yourself to others, especially the world is not wise.

– Romans 10. Faith comes by hearing the (Rhema) Word of God, that is spoken by a preacher, not a hypocrite. Matthew 23 Pharisees made converts that were twice as hell bound as they were – because they were hypocrites (covetous talented actors).

– John 15 The world only loves it’s own, so distancing your ministry from the church and from the name of Jesus to get success in the world is not Christlike at all.

– Matt 11 wisdom is justified by its children. Wait 7 years. The fruit of this type of “ministry” has been family and church destruction for generations. Look at the lives of Christian music stars since the music industry started (even Rosetta Tharpe and James Cleveland). Divorce, homosexuality, adultery, rebellious children, etc.

-‪ 1 Cor 13 Love rejoices NOT in iniquity (Satans original iniquity is self promotion of his talent and merchandising skills over obedience to God see Ezekiel 28 ), but rejoices in truth.

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