Fasting Once a Week

Fasting once a week is a Jesus Christ Kingdom Discipline that can cleanse and renew your spirit, cleanse and renew your brain cells, cleanse and renew your body, and deliver you from demons of lust and demons of gluttony. Beyond all that, God rewards you with whatever you need. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to fast 24 hours a week in secret!


God doesn’t accept profane mixed worship so why are we eager to offer it?

When we refuse to TEACH the DIFFERENCE between HOLY and PROFANE and DISCERN BETWEEN the CLEAN and the UNCLEAN, we are rejecting our role as the priests and kings aka children of the Most High! (See 2 Cor 7, 1 Peter 2, Revelation 1). 
Dont let anybody tell you that all ministry is the same! There is A DIFFERENCE. YAH is still looking for a kingdom  of priests to call His Children!
Exekiel 44:23 And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. 24 And in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep my laws and my statutes in all mine assemblies; and they shall hallow my sabbaths. 
The Difference between the holy and profance can be Taught, and it can be Felt. It can be Explained, and it can also be Sensed. Whether you are Analytical or Emotional, a Teacher or a Prophet,  you have no excuses. Whether you flow in the gifts of Knowledge or the gifts of Utterance, God doesn’t hide the Truth from Thinkers or from Feelers. No excuses! Be ye Holy! Touch not the Unclean thing!

KKK & Planned Parenthood::: Testify against the ideas of BOTH

If you are consistent against Racism then you testify against BOTH the KKK AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD – not either or. 

Why? Because they both have the same goal (eliminating the strength of the Israelites aka Negro people). 
Stand against them not just with your mouth, but by doing the OPPOSITE of what KKK and PP represent. – Be fruitful and Multiply, Care for children, Care for the poor, Testify and stand against Racism, build worship-centered relationships across ethnicities, and support inter-ethnic marriages.

Jesus or Yahusha?

Whoever shall call on the NAME of the LORD shall be saved. You can call Him Jesus or Yehusha or Emmanuel or Yahshua or Yeshua or Jesus’ Christos. 
His NAME represents who He is and what He’s done. Its His Authority and Character. His history, His attributes, and His resume’. Especially the fact that He was cursed and died on a Tree to pay for our sins with His blood. We honor His sacrifice with our actions and our character, which is a lot more than with the pronunciations of our lips. We seek to honor Him with the beauty of Holiness and Obedience AND with the Sacrifice of praise from our lips. 

Stiff-necks eventually get Snapped

If you don’t want the warning BEFORE the judgement… Then you don’t want the warning to repentance AFTER the judgement either?

That’s when you know you are just stiff-necked and don’t want the Word of God at all. The issue is not timing or delivery, you just hate His Word! You actually think that God doesn’t have a right to warn you. Your neck is not harder than His Word and it might get snapped.

The reality that is some people just don’t like the Word of God. You can kiss them on the cheek, rub their back, feed them food, show them compassion, and give them money while you preach the truth, but they will still reject God’s warnings. They only want His kindness. Romans 11:22 commands us to behold both the Kindness AND the Severity of God.

The meek respond to the Word of God differently than the stiff-necked. The WORD is the same, the NECK is the difference!

The meek shall inherit the earth, and delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Psalms 37:11

The Serpent’s First Subtlety

Easiest way to lose a war – let your enemy convince you that he’s your friend.

3 Doctrines that JESUS HATES made CLEAR

3 Doctrines that Jesus Hates (from Revelations 2&3)

JEZEBEL SEDUCTION SELLS:::Doctrine of JEZEBEL: Seduction and Attraction into Idolatry
When a productive excellent Christian is not satisfied with the gifts and fruit that God has given them, and they collaborate with unbelievers to produce ministry (spiritual adultery, spiritual fornication). The spirit of Jezebel introduces idolatry into the Body of Christ (inspires people to eat food that has been sacrificed to idols.) This false worship is tolerated by weak leadership. It leads to false teaching by example, and the seductive example leads to natural adultery, divorce & remarriage, and natural fornication as well.
EXAMPLES: Tasha Cobb collaborating with Nicki Minaj, Fred Hammond with Snoop, Lecrae with Ty Dolla, Kirk Franklin with Kanye West, Farrakhan speaking at a Christian Church, Anyone using mixture, ungodly collaborations, compromise, seduction or success to enhance the gospel.
PUNISHMENTS: spiritual sickness, children killed with spiritual death (the so-called fruit of her ministry is lost to satan)
PROMISES to OVERCOMERS: Power over Nations (the power to speak the truth that changes nations), Shining Star, (powerful and pure influence without compromise).

BALAAMS DUMB A__ SPEAKS FOR GOD::: Doctrine of BALAAM: Wicked Employment and Trickery into Idolatry
When a true messenger of God is not content with God’s provision for his ministry, and he accepts employment by the enemies of God. The enemies of God allow him to keep his message pure, but the enemies of God use the messenger of God to trick God’s people into allowing the enemies to get them into fornication and idolatry. The messenger of God says all the right things, but gets paid to essentially trick God’s people into idolatry and fornication. God hates this so much he spoke thru a dumb donkey to stop Himself from killing Balaam (2 Peter 2:16).
EXAMPLES: Any singer or musician with a record deal instead of a ministry. Any producer or songwriter that produces or writes for an unGodly music company. Actors that go into Hollywood and work for the enemies of God. Anyone using their spiritual gifts as a prostitute instead of in sanctified Congregational ministry and Gospel Outreach.
PUNISHMENTS: Jesus will fight against you with the sword of His mouth. Preachers will preach against you.
REWARDS for OVERCOMERS: Hidden manna from Heaven, you will have revelation and illumination of the Word of God. Also, a new name (authority and intimacy) with God from God.

NIKE BEATS YOU BUT STILL LOSES:::: Doctrine of the NIKOLAITANS: Conquering God’s People into Corruption and Idolatry
Nikolaitains come from the same root word as the sports shoe company “Nike.” It means, to conquer, or win over against someone else. The doctrine of the Nikolaitains is a ministry that has the mentality of conquering people rather than sharing the truth and serving people. Since this spirit is not from Yehusha, it naturally leads to SORCERY and idolatry, as well as adultery & fornication.
EXAMPLES: The Roman Catholic Church, any Church that follows the example of the Roman Catholic church structure, Denominations that lead people into idolatry, division, and heresy. False apostles that beat people down and spiritually abuse them. False pastors that don’t care for the flock but are just building a bigger stage for their stage show. Political Christianity, you must honor the flag and vote & worship the empire, etc.
PUNISHMENTS: Jesus will fight against you with the sword of His mouth. Preachers will preach against you.
REWARDS for OVERCOMERS: Hidden manna from Heaven, you will have revelation and illumination of the Word of God. Also, a new name (authority and intimacy) with God from God.