Your Votes are Mingled with Blood

Monday morning, June 21, 2022 I had a dream that there was a large, white mother eagle sitting on a nest with two baby eaglets inside. There was a Caucasian man standing over the eagle with his head looking past the eagle. I stood watching as the mother eagle shredded her little eaglets to death with her talons. She put their shredded bodies into a large ink pen. The ink mingled with the blood and fluids from the baby’s bodies. I knew if I wrote with the pen, that ink and blood would come out. The mother eagle then handed me the pen to write with. I held the pen, and asked my husband, who was standing next to me, what it all meant. 

When I woke up I told my husband about the dream and neither one of us had any idea what it meant. We knew it had something to do with America because of the white eagle and the European man standing next to it, but other than that we were both clueless.

Later that day, I was walking out of a Target store with five of my six children. A Hebrew man approached me with a clipboard and asked me to sign a petition. He did not tell me what it was for, so I asked. He looked embarrassed to tell me, he said, “it’s a petition about voting”. I pressed further, “voting for what”? He responded “women’s rights to get abortions”.

Needless to say, he got an earful… I told him that I clearly did not believe in abortion considering all the children I have. I expounded and told him abortion is murder, and that babies are alive and moving in their mother’s bodies. I told him that I pray the Lord would touch his heart to no longer believe in abortion. I walked away.

It was not until the next day that I realized what the Monday morning dream meant.

God was showing me things to come. I had the dream Monday morning, and in the afternoon that man wanted my signature on his petition to support the murder of babies.

Symbolic meaning of the dream: the eagle is America, the dead chicks are America’s aborted babies, the pen is the vote, petitions, legislation that people sign that is mingled with innocent blood. Your votes for abortion, your signatures on petitions that are pro abortion, the legislature you support to help murder babies, is mingled with their innocent blood. 

Why was this important?

Friday June 24, 2022 was the day when Roe vs Wade which has federalized abortion since 1973, was overturned. Now individual states are racing to get our signatures to make abortion legal in their states. I don’t follow politics, I don’t watch tv, and I’m barely on facebook anymore. I didn’t even know that any of this was going on, or that Roe vs Wade was being voted on. Yet YAH chose to show me things to come.

In October of 2011 was when I was in the house of prayer praying against the murder of abortion, and God spoke to me and told me that it was the Anointing of Motherhood that would contend against the spirit of abortion. (The original blog that I wrote that week is found here.)

The week before all this happened, my husband and I released my book that was inspired by that night at our house of prayer 11 years ago. On June 13, 2022 we released the book “Anointing of Motherhood.” The video is linked here. It is also linked here.

Why is this important?

Our obedience to walk in the Anointing of Motherhood and receive and care for children when God gives them give our prayers weight to overturn wickedness in kingdoms and governments.

2 Corinthians 10:6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

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