A Culture of Honor

One of the Feminist Lies that has crept into the Apostate church & Jezebel ministry is that women have to be loved however they are, flaws and all… but men should only be respected if they are perfect, flawless, rich, and can make the perfect speech off the cuff, in any situation.

This is hippie & hip hop culture, not Biblical culture.

A woman should be cared for, loved, and cultivated as she is. A man should be respected, honored, and supported as he is. Only then will there be growth and elevation.

Biblically, Unconditional Respect is just as important as Unconditional Love.

A man should feel respected because he is a man, period.
A woman should feel loved because she is a woman, period.

Those in authority should be honored because they are in authority, not if they are perfect.
Those that are weaker should be protected because they are weaker, not if they are perfect.

Let’s Create a Culture of Honor.

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