LEADERSHIP Examples from Detroit Basketball

LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE NOT EXCUSESHis mother marched with MLK, and worked with Fred Hampton in Chicago.I am not in agreement with advocating for homosexuality at all… but people need to know the real reasons that the NBA marketing machine hates Detroit, hates the Pistons and hates Isaiah Thomas.”
In 2012, Isiah didn’t only throw on a hoodie for Trayvon Martin, he was out protesting with Trayvon’s family. Did you know that?Isiah organizes perennial summer “Peace Basketball Tournaments” with rival gang members in his hometown of Chicago and got Bulls players to participate. Did you know that?Isiah has been attacking community violence since the 1980s where he led “No Crime Day” in Detroit at the age of 25. Did you know that?“We were marching in 1985 down Woodward in Detroit,” Thomas said. “At that time, we didn’t have the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter.’ But we were marching.”
Don’t call him “Kaepernick” – Isiah has been here for years.”THE REAL REASON HE WAS LEFT OFF THE DREAM TEAM. (He didn’t just beat Larry, Magic, and Michael ON THE COURT, he also advocated FINANCIALLY for non-star players because he knew the power of the TEAM not just the INDIVIDUAL):”
Mark Heisler writes: “As NBAPA president, Thomas was the last of the stars to run the union for the little guys in the tradition of Oscar Robertson. Thomas made enemies by the hundred, calling out the biggest he could find, slicing the agents’ cut of contracts from 10 percent to 4 percent, infuriating them all. Super agent David Falk [JORDAN’s agent] then took over the union with his fancy client list and undid everything Thomas had done.Just like “The Big O” fighting for NBA free agency in the 1960s, every fellow and current player owes millions to Thomas. And just like Oscar, Isiah has also paid a steep price.”- So Isaiah stood up for justice while Craig Hodges the best 3 point shooter in the NBA was kicked off the Bulls after winning 2 championships for caring about justice.- He also stood up for fair contracts for all players while Pippen was severely underpaid by the Bulls while winning 6 championships as a top 4 player in the NBA.Who’s the real leader?LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE NOT EXCUSES

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