Balance in the Awakening

Although I fully embrace the Awakening to Repentance and Righteousness of Scattered Israelites, and the historical Hebrew Israelite ethnicity of blacks/negros/bantu tribes in the African diaspora…

Please let it be known that this Awakening is according to the SCRIPTURES! NOT the false movements, camps, and rebellions of deceivers and silly women.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that it’s wrong to be called a Christian. Yes Christians must repent and return to the Commandments of God, Apostolic doctrine and Ordinances of Jesus; but it’s not wrong to be called a Christian:

Also don’t ever believe any false bunk research about Christianity being based on worshippers of Serapis.

Free Tips: when you start doing research on old documents and writings you have to realize that just because the words are old doesn’t mean they are true. Hypocrites, Entertainers, Decievers, and Creative Storytellers are nothing new. They were around back then too!

Learn how to spot contradictions, anachronisms, fictional concepts and characteristics, ideas that don’t fit with the Scriptures, and concepts that don’t fit with the Holy Ghost.

Here’s an article that shows how the whole “Serapis document” has been proven for decades to be a forgery full of anachronisms. Its fiction, just like a lot of other historical literature:

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