#wolfpuppies want be wolves one day

You can always tell who’s the wolf and who’s the sheep by who they defend. #wolfpuppies

You know you’re a hypocrite when you’re always imagining a reason to defend the abuser against the abusee, the powerful against the powerless, the oppressor against the oppressed.

Funny what money, power, and fame can do. I guess that’s what hypocrites really want. #wolfpuppies

I wish the love police defended me when I preached the actual repentance required for the gospel like they are bent over backwards making excuses for a so-called Christian cursing the soul of his own flesh & blood.

Wish I could feel this protected by Christians when I teach what’s in the actual bible. They always told me that repentance and holiness sounded like condemnation, and it wasn’t cool enough, and I only preach obedience because my “heart is wicked.”

Today’s lukewarm concept of love is soft, perverted, fake, and will be spit out into hell eternally.

We cant preach the Commandments of God because it “pushes people away” but when our children break our commandments we can curse them out “privately?” Its just a private family affair, no harm to the gospel right? #hypocrites #actors #wheresthelovepolice

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