New City Jerusalem vs Destruction City Jerusalem

Although the LAW aka 🔝Authority🔝of the Most High has never passed away, the Prophetic Scriptures are clear that there is a difference between

– MOSES’s 💡administration💡 of YAHUAH’s Law, and
– KING YASHUAH’s 🌞administration🌞 of YAHUAH’s Law.

There is a New Covenant and a New World Order for the Saints of the Most High!

Is your King taking you forward to the New City that is coming down TO earth FROM heaven?

Or is he taking you backwards to the Old DESTRUCTION Jerusalem one that was destroyed in 70 AD and is now being TRAMPLED by Gentiles?

Make sure you CORONATE the KING! There’s only One! Jesus is BETTER than Moses (Hebrews 3:3).


For more info check here:

Rightly Dividing the Law:

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