New City Jerusalem vs Destruction City Jerusalem

Although the LAW aka 🔝Authority🔝of the Most High has never passed away, the Prophetic Scriptures are clear that there is a difference between

– MOSES’s 💡administration💡 of YAHUAH’s Law, and
– KING YASHUAH’s 🌞administration🌞 of YAHUAH’s Law.

There is a New Covenant and a New World Order for the Saints of the Most High!

Is your King taking you forward to the New City that is coming down TO earth FROM heaven?

Or is he taking you backwards to the Old DESTRUCTION Jerusalem one that was destroyed in 70 AD and is now being TRAMPLED by Gentiles?

Here is a Scripture that Judaizers will NEVER teach you regarding why the New Covenant doesn’t mandate the Old Covenant Feasts:

1. The Passover was ONLY to be Celebrated at Jerusalem:

Deuteronomy 16:5 Thou MAYEST NOT SACRIFICE THE PASSOVER within any of thy gates, which the Lord thy God giveth thee:6 But at THE PLACE WHICH THE LORD THY GOD SHALL CHOOSE to place his name in, there thou shalt sacrifice the passover at even, at the going down of the sun, at the season that thou camest forth out of Egypt.

2. The 3 Main Feasts of the Jews were ONLY to be Celebrated at Jerusalem, and All the MALES were supposed to come and bring an offering.

Deuteronomy 16:16 Three times in a year shall ALL THY MALES appear before the Lord thy God IN THE PLACE WHICH HE SHALL CHOOSE; in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the Lord empty.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on Yahs calendar and the signs and seasons… but anyone that is trying to condemn you into keep Old Covenant Feasts is just showing off their own ignorance.

The main reason that Yashua provided New Ordinances to go along with His New Covenant is because He foreknew (Hosea 2:11) and prophesied (Luke 21:24) that Jerusalem was going to be destroyed and that there would be no way to properly keep the Old Covenant Feasts.

Make sure you CORONATE the KING! There’s only One! Jesus is BETTER than Moses (Hebrews 3:3).


For more info check here:

Rightly Dividing the Law:

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