Why Do Apostate Churches AND YouTube Israelites Want you to think that Roman Catholicism is Christianity?

It’s funny how both Romanizers and Judaizers both desperately want you to think that Roman Catholicism = Christianity.

That’s the one thing they have in common!

Because they BOTH have an Anti-Christ agenda. The more confused you are, the better for them.

They BOTH seek to undermine the Authority of Messiah. The Romanizers do this by denying the Commandments of His Father. The Judaizers do this by denying His Apostolic Order and New Covenant Ordinances.

But BOTH are essentially AntChrist, and they BOTH want you to believe that Roman Catholicism is Christianity, when they know it’s not what the Apostles (who were not ashamed to be called Christians) lived. They know it’s a Lie.

This LIE is also EXTREMELY disrespectful to the MILLIONS of Christians that were MURDERED, MASSACRED, LYNCHED, and TORTURED by the Roman Catholic church throughout history.

Telling Half the story when you know the Full story = Lies & Sorceries.

Its really obvious to:

– Anyone who reads the Bible.
– Anyone who studies church history or bible prophecy.
– Anyone that has been saved out of Catholicism.
– Anyone that keeps the 10 Commandments and doesn’t pray to Mary.

that Roman Catholicism is AntiChrist.

Tell me again how Jesus Christ taught us to break all 10 Commandments of His Father… or did antiChrist teach you that? #comeoutofbabylon

Here are a few quotes from what the reformers thought about Roman Catholicism.

Click to access The%20Papacy.pdf










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