Men of God! What Kind of World are We Creating for Our Children?

My heart is to inspire obedience because if we don’t, what kind of future atmosphere are we creating for our children?

I cry because Truth is foreign to the church but Entertainment, Covetousness, Merchandising, and Sexual Abominations are not.😥

Many churches are full of homosexuality and unclean sex and adultery (divorce & remarriage)… anything goes. Buying & selling, entertainment & hypocrisy, merchandising & covetousness is standard practice.

But when the Truth against these things is preached or taught – people act like it’s some strange deep doctrine! These things are taught against in Scriptures!

While you are still breathing, you still have time to Confess your Sin and Repent. How many more breaths will you waste? #sayless

Why waste time arguing against the Truth when you could repent and obey God today? Sin is not worth it, you only curse yourself and your children!

A generation of men that built record labels, movements, nonprofits… but built weak families and few congregations: #weakmen

It’s easier to build a business than to keep your Covenant with your wife and turn your hearts to your children. Strong men put God and family first.

Then a group of strong families comes together to live the gospel, preach the gospel, then build a strong Congregation of Believers in Jesus.

Guys will get together to bash the church but won’t get together to preach the gospel & build a congregation. #selfcheck ✔⛹🏾‍♂️🏀

It’s sad when men that claim to live the gospel can get together to do anything EXCEPT preach the gospel and build a Congregation of Believers. They complain about the problems in the church but won’t be the solution.

If you are on a basketball team and you have no skills to contribute, you are not a factor in the game. You are what the hood used to call #selfcheck. The opposition doesn’t even have to defend you because you can’t do anything!

Our generation needs men that are an actual factor against the devil. Can you do something? Can you play your role on a team that is doing something? Or will you just complain about the church and find something else to do?

If your posts are fire but your children are pitiful you are a fakebook. Stop building your mask 🤡 Build your life in integrity📖

It’s time out for loving fame more than we love our children and our actual disciples.

If you’re anointed but you are on your 2nd spouse while your Covenant spouse is still alive you’re an anointed worker of iniquity.

Its time out for filling the churches with the iniquity. Jesus taught against divorce and remarriage for a reason!

It’s the “gateway drug” to sexual abominations, fatherlessness, and a society with no integrity or Covenant faithfulness (LOVE). We need a movement of repentance and return to LOVE.

Understanding COVENANT is the foundation for LOVE, it’s the foundation for FORGIVENESS, it’s the foundation for REPENTANCE.

If your message is fire but your family is a mess you are not a man of God.
#integrity #newcovenant

I Can’t Trust your Doctrine if you believe God made a Renewed Covenant with Israel but you can’t make a Renewed Covenant with your wife.
#deceived #deceivers

Please no more fake men of God hiding behind stages and masks and screens and titles and album covers! We have a New Covenant with Christ the King and it’s time to deliver the actual fruits of the Kingdom of God with integrity!

Our Father in Heaven is not glorified by our self-actualization or achievements. But when we bear kingdom fruit, that remains.

Kingdom ORDER is necessary to bear fruit that glorifies the Father in Heaven. Are you CHOSEN? Are you ORDAINED?

John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have CHOSEN you, and ORDAINED you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

Mighty Man, your first job and your first ministry is leading by example, serving, and training your wife and children.❤❤❤❤

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