Q:How do we know who Kanye West Serves? Do we live in his heart?

A: Scriptures say we shall know them by their fruit.

Simple answer: Observation.

He’s been blaspheming God since the beginning of his career. Has his employer changed?

His wife said there’s no Word in His services, just a good feeling. That’s not serving God, that serving man.
He’s mixing light with darkness. Have his methods changed?

The world loves it, so we know it’s not of God. If it was of Christ, worldly people would hate it.

We haven’t seen any fruits of repentance, only album promotion (commerce motivation).

We can observe that he’s not serving an Elder or Overseer in the Faith, he’s serving a record label. That’s not Kingdom.

If any of these things change, maybe he will start to serve God. But as of now, he’s not.

When Apostle Paul converted, other Elders and Apostles checked him out before they believed he was serving God.

In Acts 8 we also see that Simon the Sorcerer wanted to use his money to become a minister of the gospel. The Apostles checked him hard and told him he had no part in the ministry of the Kingdom. They perceived his heart to be corrupt by his actions and words.

Also in Acts 16 Apostle Paul cast a demon out of a woman who was promoting the gospel. She was doing it while being employed as a false prophet of divination. He saw her heart, and even though she was promoting their ministry, he cast the demon out.

Then her economic handlers (pimps) got mad and had the Apostles beaten. All because they saw her heart and cast a demon out of her, and their money maker was delivered from the demon that made them money.

Again, I have nothing against Kanye West. I hope he finds someone to preach the non-entertainment gospel to him and disciple him. Someone that is not blinded by his fame and talent.

When that happens I will rejoice with all the angels.

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