Kanye & Trump Fans: God Doesn’t Need INFLUENCE – He Demands OBEDIENCE

The Spirit of JEZEBEL uses 2 main forms of INFLUENCE to seduce large groups: POLITICAL INFLUENCE and PROPHETIC INFLUENCE (false religion & entertainment).

When Trump gets saved to promote his campaign for President, and Kanye gets saved to promote an album, it’s the same thing.

Do I hate Kanye or Trump? No.
Do I hope they both really repent and get saved and live in righteousness and repentance? Yes.
Would I rejoice, cry, smile, and dance if either of them had the biblical fruits of tangible repentance? YES!

But I also understand that Self-promotion is not Repentance.

Hebrew Christians need to use the same discernment that you use on Republicans with Entertainers.
Euro Christians need to use the same discernment with Trump that you used with Obama.
Otherwise you’re just telling on yourself.

The gullible Christians you mock for laying hands and believing that your political enemy is saved – you look just like they do!

The only people that think God can be mocked – are the people that are still trying to mock God. You’re only telling on yourSELF!

God doesn’t need Jezebel’s MIXTURE or INFLUENCE for SEDUCTION with POLITICAL Power OR ENTERTAINMENT Power.

POWER belongs to God. God doesn’t need INFLUENCE, He demands OBEDIENCE.

Revelation 14:12 Here is the PATIENCE of the saints: here are they that keep the COMMANDMENTS of God, and the FAITH of Jesus.

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