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The Spirit of Jezebel in a ministry is marked by a constant desire to mix, blend, and combine idolatry with the Word of God in order to increase your ministry’s effectiveness, appeal, influence, and relevance.

Charles Spurgeon was an oratorically gifted Baptist preacher that was and is world-renowned. But unfortunately it’s often the most gifted that are especially prone to the deceptions of the doctrine of Jezebel.

C. H. Spurgeon Marked His Sermons With Luciferian Terms — Page 2

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the divine Artificer (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: “We see the wonderful work of the human body, with all its complex tissue of bones, and joints, and nerves, and veins, and arteries growing up, and fashioned, as it had been a piece of rich and curious embroidery under the hand of the manufacturer. But it is not the work itself that we are now called on to admire. The contexture is indeed fearful and wonderful; but how much more when we reflect that the divine Artificer wrought within the dark and narrow confines of the womb.” (1)

Freemasonry: “. . . are you not all Masons, the Sons of Mercy, and does not Charity herself within your Breasts forever pathetically please her own Cause? does she not tell you to look upon the whole World as one Family; every Individual which is cemented with the rest; and has a Claim to Friendship and Regard? — that the Divine Artificer has thus cemented you for the Preservation of Harmony in the system of things which his unerring Wisdom has thought fit to establish?” (2)

White Heat (Kundalini, Reiki)

Spurgeon attributes white heat to Jesus: “Why, first they seem to me to be wonderfully out of place when you think of the Lord who was preaching. How could they be indifferent in His presence? He was at a white heat, and they were blocks of ice. He was all energy, and they were “sitting by.” He spending and being spent, and they “sitting by.” He engaged all night in prayer with His divine Father, and now coming forth clothed with divine power to heal, and they ‘sitting by.’ ” (2a)

Kundalini: “To awaken and raise the kundalini, prana and apana must integrate, inhaling and holding the breath directs prana to the navel chakra, exhaling and holding draws apana up from the root chakra to the navel point. Union of these two forces creates white heat at the navel chakra and from here the integrated energies descend to the root chakra and awaken the kundalini, breath and will causes the kundalini to rise up the sushmuna transforming lower energies into higher energies.” (2b)

Reiki: “The best Reiki I have ever had, I experienced shooting white light ascend my spine and saw Kundalini symbols. Ness [Reiki Instructor] is able to create burning healing white heat with her hands.” (2bb)

children of the flame (Spurgeon’s depiction of heaven here is actually one of hell; he calls the saved “children of the flame” and fire-children who drink in fire)

Spurgeon: For if you were admitted into the place called heaven, you would not be a partaker of the state of heaven, and it is the state of mind and character which is, after all, the essence of the joy. To be in a heavenly place and not in a heavenly condition would be worse than hell, if worse can be. What are songs to a sad heart? Such would heaven be to an unrenewed mind. The element of glory would destroy, rather than bless an unrenewed mind. It is as though you saw before you a blazing furnace in which happy creatures disported themselves among the flames, bathing themselves in the white heat, leaping in rapture amid the rising sparks, for they are children of the flame, who drink in fire and find it life. Imagine yourself to be a poor fly such as you hear buzzing on the windowpane, and you ask to enter into the glow of the furnace, thinking to be as merry as the fire-children. Keep back. Why tempt your doom? You will die soon enough—why ask to perish more quickly? No place would be so dreadful to a sinner as the place where God is most openly manifest.(2c)

Gnostic Esoteric Rituals: Oh Children of the Flame! The abyss has terrors and shivers that heaven ignores. However, heaven does not comprehend he who has not passed through earth and the abyss. Here you have the Mystery of Baphomet.” (2d)

Freemasonry (Book: Initiates of the Flame): “Those who worship this Flame are now called heathens. Little do we realize that we are heathen ourselves until we are baptised of the Holy Spirit, which is Fire, for fire is Light, and the children of the Flame are the Sons of Light, even as God is Light.” (2e)

Uncreated Wisdom (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon quoting J.W. Burgon: “Verses 3-4. Let the sun, the fount of light, and warmth, and gladness, the greater light which rules the day, the visible emblem of the Uncreated Wisdom, the Light which lighteth every man, the centre round whom all our hopes and fears, our wants and prayers, our faith and love, are ever moving,—let the moon, the lesser light which rules the night, the type of the Church, which giveth to the world the light she gains from the Sun of Righteousness,—let the stars, so vast in their number, so lovely in their arrangement and their brightness, which God hath appointed in the heavens, even as he hath appointed his elect to shine for ever and ever,—let all the heavens with all their wonders and their worlds, the depths of space above, and the waters which are above the firmament, the images of God’s Holy Scripture and of the glories and the mysteries contained therein,—let these ever praise him who made and blessed them in the beginning of the creation.—J.W. Burgon.” (3)

Freemasonry: “While yet the first oaks still put forth their leaves, man lost the perfect knowledge of the One True God, the Ancient Absolute Existence, the Infinite Mind and Supreme Intelligence; and floated helplessly out upon the shoreless ocean of conjecture. Then the soul vexed itself with seeking to learn whether the material Universe was a mere chance combination of atoms, or the work of Infinite, Uncreated Wisdom: whether the Deity was a concentrated, and the Universe an extended immateriality; or whether He was a personal existence, an Omnipotent, Eternal, Supreme Essence, regulating matter at will; or subjecting it to unchangeable laws throughout eternity; and to Whom, Himself Infinite and Eternal, Space and Time are unknown.” (4)

the divine Spirit/the Divine Spirit Lucifer (Theosophy, Freemasonry, witchcraft)

Spurgeon: “The Lord is holding high soliloquy. He is not so much addressing the sons of men, bidding them do this or that, as speaking to Himself of what He intends to do among them. He allows His prophet to stand where he can hear the sacred soliloquy of the great Supreme and he hears it and then, under the dictate of the divine Spirit, he records it in the inspired book, where it remains to this day for our instruction.” (5)

Spurgeon: “He it is that leads our soul to cry, “Though my house is not so with God, yet has He made with me an everlasting covenant ordered in all things and sure.” Blessed be the Divine Spirit then, that since faith is essential to prevailing prayer, He helps us in supplication by increasing our faith. (5a)

Theosophy: “Editor. Lucifer—and (warned by former experience) don’t misunderstand the name. It is typical ofthe divine spirit which sacrificed itself for humanity—it was Milton’s doing that it ever became associated with the devil. We are sworn enemies of popular prejudices, and it is quite appropriate that we should attack such a prejudice as this—Lucifer, you know, is the Morning Star—the Light-bearer. . . “(6)

Freemasonry: “The only initiation which I preach and seek with all the ardour of my soul is that by which we may enter into the heart of God and make God’s heart enter into us, there to form an indissoluble marriage which will make us the friend, brother and spouse of our Divine Redeemer.” This attainment is the self-knowledge pointed to by the Craft teaching, and to which that teaching seeks to guide the reflections of every Masonic Initiation has no other end than this conscious union between the individual soul and the Universal Divine Spirit.” (7)

witchcraft: “I alone am not the Goddess, you alone are not the God. But you and I and all things seen and unseen make up the Great Spirits, the Divine Consciousness, The Divine Spirit or just the Divine Being. It has many names and labels, but it is the creation of all things through out the multiverse.” (7a)

perfect Master and great Supreme (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: “I have had a perfect Master ever since I first knew the Lord, and if I could find that there is another perfect master, I would be greatly pleased in having him as an under-master, while the great Supreme must always be chief of all!” (8)

Freemasonry: “The fifth degree – Perfect Master – of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.”(9)

Freemasonry: “Our Father, who dost rule the heaven and the earth, and all that in them is : Thou Great Supreme, who art the Author of every good and every perfect gift : deign to guide us in our endeavor to combat darkness, and to direct the mind and thoughts of this our brother at the threshold, in the solemn approach to the innermost mysteries of thy holy Temple, where we seek for truth, for the full understanding of the divine lessons contained in thy “Word,” and the final attainment of the salvation of the soul immortal.” (10)

grand Master (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: “Now I turn to the unconverted and say—Dear friends from our own experience we can tell you that to serve God is a blessed thing. He is a grand Master here is none like He. He makes His servants blessed forever.” (11)

Freemasonry: “A Grand Master is a title of honour as well as an office in Freemasonry, given to a freemason elected to oversee a Masonic jurisdiction, derived from the office of Grand Masters in chivalric orders.” (12)

Divine Savior (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: “Were the Savior any less than Divine, I should not dare to encourage sinners to believe in him; but there is a Divine Savior infinitely strong, and infinitely gracious, so, thou blackest, foulest, vilest sinner, why shouldst thou not obey the command of my text, and look unto him, expecting mercy and favor from him?” (13)

Theosophy: “In the 31st degree is given a glimpse of the teachings of the Mysteries of Osiris, the Isiac Mysteries, but only a glimpse is given and it is left to the student to search out their meaning and import. Certain it is that ttiese teachings are among the greatest of the heirlooms that have come down to us through the ages from the very dawn of time. And one of these teachings is that every race and every age has had its Divine Savior who has given his life for the race, for all Humanity.” (14)

royal master (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: “The descent of some few was less gradual, but more commonly, when once on “the down grade” their progress was slow, though unhappily sure. The central truth of Calvinism, as of the Gospel, is the person and work and offices of the Lord Jesus Christ. We love to use this Pauline and inspired description of our divine Savior and royal Master, and so to “give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name.”

Freemasonry: Royal Master:”A Degree emphasizing the lessons of patience and fortitude. The Degree centers around the Fellowcraft Masons who were artificers fabricating the fittings and furniture of the Temple.” (15)

heavenly geometry (Esotericism)

(The term, “Heavenly Geometry” is the title of Spurgeon’s sermon, #707.)

Spurgeon: “He felt that it was desirable to the very last degree that the saints should not only know themselves to be the objects of divine favor, but should be well acquainted with its sublime qualities and perfections, which he here compares to a fourfold measurement. In this measurement may you and I be skilled. If we know nothing of mathematics, may we be well-tutored scholars in this spiritual geometry, and be able to comprehend the breadths and lengths of Jesus’ precious love.”(16)

Esoteric Teaching: “And, just like the bhaktas and Christian devotees, the purpose of this chanting is achievement of a Paradise from which Nirvāna may be reached much more easily; in other words, it is a vehicle of extra-cosmic Mercy, a horizontal, inclusive, heavenly circle of communion extending outward from the shaft of a vertical ray of Grace; it is a similar “heavenly geometry” to that of the “side effect” or angelic outpouring of the Eucharistic Mass, in which Heaven’s Grace is extended outward from the sacrificial altar of the Church to those open to the influence up to several miles around, though occurring in subtler fields of activity than the material and lower astral.” (17)

spiritual geometry Also known as sacred geometry(Freemasonry, Astrology, numerology, tarot, feng shui)

Spurgeon: “He felt that it was desirable to the very last degree that the saints should not only know themselves to be the objects of divine favor, but should be well acquainted with its sublime qualities and perfections, which he here compares to a fourfold measurement. In this measurement may you and I be skilled. If we know nothing of mathematics, may we be well-tutored scholars in this spiritual geometry, and be able to comprehend the breadths and lengths of Jesus’ precious love.” (17a)

Freemasonry: This exegetical technique can be used with both the Hebrew scriptures and the Greek Christian scriptures. There are other texts that have been found to contain hidden gematria in Latin and Arabic, as well. From the practice of gematria have arisen extremely interesting techniques, which reveal a type of spiritual Geometry hidden within the Scriptures. (17b)

Astrology, numerology, tarot, feng shui: According to Jackie Craven ( sacred geometry, or spiritual geometry, is the belief that numbers and patterns such as the divine ratio have sacred significance. Many mystical and spiritual practices, including astrology, numerology, tarot, and feng shui begin with a fundamental belief in sacred geometry. (17c)

sacred alchemy

“He looked for the transformation of the evil into good by that sacred alchemy of heaven which can transmute the basest metal into purest gold. But he did not expect this to happen apart from the ordained methods, and ordinary institutions of grace. He counted upon the result because he saw two great agents at work, namely, prayer and the supply of the Spirit. Whoever else may be foolish enough to look for effects apart from causes, the apostle was not of their mind.” (18)

Satanism: “Indeed, the terrestrial paradigm has been transcended with the suspected uncertainty of a possible immortality of the human soul. Crowley and Marcelo Motta would deliberate the very mysterious process of actual, physical death. The soul is described as an aggregate component of spiritual atoms that must be congealed (the work of the Adept) to prevent the dispersion upon death of its various elements. And the first step in this very special or ‘Great Work’ is to master the Astral Menstruum with an Aspiration to this most sacred Alchemy. This is indeed, the focus of the Neophyte.” (19)

works of power (witchcraft)

Spurgeon: “We ought to watch these works of power, that we may feel that this power is altogether engaged upon our side. If we are indeed on the side of God, if His grace has reconciled us to Him, if we live to promote His glory, if we are under His keeping and the guardian care of the Lord Jesus, then all the power that makes an earthquake will be put forth to shake heaven and earth sooner than we shall perish.” (20)

Witchcraft: “The dragon is a symbolic representation of the alchemist’s or magician’s works of power. Druid Power presents techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic. Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, this innovative guide bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology. “(21)

vital ray

Spurgeon: “Can anything beneath a power divine The stubborn will subdue? It is Yours, eternal Spirit, Yours, To form the heart anew! To chase the shades of death away And bid the sinner live! A beam of heaven, a vital ray, It is Yours alone to give.” (22)

Theosophy: “Each of the septenary principles is led into manifestation by a corresponding class of Pitris, which comingle with, motivate, and lead forth their various attributes into active expression. Each of the seven principles comprising the human constitution becomes a grosser concretion of an illuminating vital ray of consciousness projected from the Monadic essence, which is the very core and heart of man’s inner god.” (23)

vital energy

Spurgeon: “When through neglect I failed to confess, or through despair dared not do so, my bones, those solid pillars of my frame, the stronger portions of my bodily constitution, waxed old, began to decay with weakness, for my grief was so intense as to sap my health and destroy my vital energy. What a killing thing is sin!” (24)

Freemasonry: “To separate the subtile from the gross, in the first operation, which is wholly internal, is to free our soul from all prejudice and all vice. This is effected by the use of the philosophical SALT, that is to say, of WISDOM; of MERCURY, that is to say, of personal aptitude and labor and of SULPHUR, which represents the vital energy and the ardor of the will. Thus we succeed in changing into spiritual gold such things even as are of least value and even the foul things of the earth.” (25)

(The great Architect and Master Builder Freemasonryalso Eternal Architect, The Architect, Mighty Architect, Almighty Architect, architect of the Church, Divine Architect)

Spurgeon: “As the great Architect and Master Builder He supervises all, yet there is a portion of His Spiritual temple which He condescended to build with His own hands!” (26)

Freemasonry: “Everything in Masonry has reference to God, implies God, speaks of God, and points and leads to God. Every degree, symbol, obligation, lecture, charge, finds its meaning and derives its majesty from God, the Great Architect and Master Builder of the Universe.” (27)

flame of life (Rosicrucianism)

Spurgeon: “Upon the bodies of the godly, the elements have the same power as upon others—upon them the hot desert wind blows, or through their garments the cold penetrates—the sun scorches them in the fierceness of its summer heat, or chilling dampness threaten the flame of life.” (28)

Rosicrucianism: V. “The One is the Flame of Life. The Many are the Sparks in the Flame. The Flame once lighted kindles everything within its sphere. The Fire is in everything and everywhere; there is nothing dark or cold within its sphere.” (29)

“Through a peculiar form of transmutation the lower aspect of Fire becomes the life-germ or fiery lives which dwell in every atom of our physical body and give it the warmth of life. When these fiery lives leave the body it grows cold in death, for the Flame of Life has been withdrawn.” (30)

the Divine Mind and the Divine will

(The King James Bible states that Christians are to have “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16) and to do the “will of God.” (Romans 12:2) The Theosophical terms “the divine mind” and “the divine will” do not have the same meaning as the biblical terms. This is syncretism.)

Spurgeon: “Many among us are perpetually seeking to reconcile Truths of God which probably can never be reconciled except in the Divine Mind. I thank God that I believe many things which I do not even wish to understand.” (31)

Spurgeon: “Now although we may ask for things which are for our profit, yet we must never let our profit interfere in any way with the Glory of God. There must be mingled with acceptable prayer the holy salt of submission to theDivine will.” (32)

Theosophy: “We access our divine mind through the Holy Spirit (who dwells within our higher consciousness), and it is revealed through intelligent activity. Theosophy teaches us that matter is a manifestation of the Divine Mind or Spirit aspect of God, and it is organized during this downward arc into progressively small units of consciousness. This drive toward individuation and differentiation continues until the units of consciousness we know of as atoms are so small and individuated that self-awareness is no longer possible.”

“The way we think and behave –in essence the focus of our attention in life –creates certain effects spiritually. When the challenges in our lives serve to bring out our God consciousness, we find ourselves living in accordance with divine will and activating and developing our creative potential.” (33)

sacred magic (“white magic”)

Spurgeon: “And, then, the fourth thing—“Oh,” cries one, “you said we were too estranged to be even willing to come to Christ.” I know you are. And, therefore, it is He who comes down to you. You would not come to Him; but He comes to you this morning and though you are very evil, He comes with sacred magic in His arms to change your heart!” (34)

Theosophy: “Mr. Colby does not possess at all – to his great regret, no doubt. By this power they controlled the spirits at will, allowing but the good ones to absorb their mediums. Such is the explanation of Magic – the real, existing, White or Sacred Magic, which ought to be in the hands of science now, and would be, if science had profited by the lessons which Spiritualism has inductively taught for these last twenty-seven years.” (35)

white light (witchcraft, Freemasonry) Also see: Charles Spurgeon’s Occult Energy Doctrines: White Light

Charles Spurgeon used the Luciferian term, “white light’ to refer to “the cross,” “the Savior’s glorious Presence,” “and God Himself”:

Spurgeon: “The most profound minds might lose themselves in considering the splendid diversities of light which compose the pure white light of the cross.” (36)

Spurgeon: “May you, dear Friends, be clear in your conscience from all dead works! May you have the peace of God which passes all understanding to keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus and in the clear white light of your Savior’s glorious Presence.” (37)

Spurgeon: “I am also telling of the experience, not merely of some of you, but of hundreds of you upon whole hearts the divine light has come changing all things around you. They are not what they seem to others to be, for they are all now seen in the clear white light of God Himself, and you know even as you are known.” (38)

Luciferian Manly P. Hall: “The path to immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed- ground of stars, and await a new beginning. Those who are saved by the light of the mystery which I have revealed unto you, O Hermes, and which I now bid you to establish among men, shall return again to the Father who dwelleth in the White Light, and shall deliver themselves up to the Light and shall be absorbed into the Light, and in the Light they shall become Powers in God. This is the Way of Good and is revealed only to them that have wisdom.” (39)

Luciferian witchcraft: “The Body of Light may be developed by meditation, yoga and other acts that you may visualize a white or fiery essence which rises from your flesh; it is a beautiful brilliance of white light, the Luciferian Spirit from the Sun.” (40)

Divine Wisdom (Freemasonry, Theosophy)

(Theosophy means “divine wisdom” or wisdom of the gods. Divine wisdom is not found in the King James Bible.)

Spurgeon: “Divine wisdom mapped this earth, its flowing rivers and foaming seas, the towering mountains, and the laughing valleys.” (41)

Spurgeon: “Your present possibilities are the best for this present, use them as they fl y. At any rate, rest assured that divine wisdom has not o nly prepared you for the hour, but the hour for you . All things are in a divine sense, your friends, “For you shall be in league with the stones of the fie ld: and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with you. ” (42)

Theosophy: “The term “Theosophy” comes from the Greek theosophia, which is composed of two words: theos (“god,” “gods,” or “divine”) and sophia (“wisdom”). Theosophia, therefore, may be translated as the “wisdom of the gods,” “wisdom in things divine,” or “divine wisdom.” (43)

the invincible One

Spurgeon: “There was at the back of Him the eternal purpose, and the covenant that cannot be changed—and the invincible One who, without violating the will of men, can yet achieve the will of God, making men willing in the day of His power—turning them from darkness to light, and from the power of sin and Satan unto God!” (44)

Freemasonry: “But everywhere, even in the rise and fall of nations, we see through the haze of materiality, justice; everywhere we see reward, not of man but of the invincible One, the eternal Flame.” (45)

eternal flame

Spurgeon referred to God as the “eternal flame”: “But if there are some men who shall see His face; who shall sit down and delight themselves in gazing upon the face of the great Judge upon the throne, then those persons are assuredly saved! They are awaiting the day of His coming; they are dwelling with the eternal flame without being consumed; they are resting on the bosom of our God who is a consuming fire; and yet, like the burning bush of old, though glowing with the glory, they are not consumed by the heat.” (46)

Freemasonry: “Let us find this Flame and also serve it, realizing that it is in all created things, that all are one because all are part of that eternal Flame, the fire of spirit, the life and power of the universe.” (47)

the Great One (It means the Antichrist)

Spurgeon called God “the Great One”: “The God of heaven took up the challenge of the evil one, and gave him permission to take away all the mercies which he affirmed to be the props of Job’s integrity, and to pull down all the outworks and buttresses and see whether the tower would not stand in its own inherent strength without them. In consequence of this, all Job’s wealth went in one black day, and not even a child was left to whisper comfort. A second interview between the Lord and his fallen angel took place. Job was again the subject of conversation; and the Great One defied by Satan, permitted him even to touch him in his bone and in his flesh, till the prince became worse than a pauper, and he who was rich and happy was poor and wretched, filled with disease from head to foot, and fain to scrape himself with a miserable potsherd, to gain a poor relief from his pain.” (48)

Theosophy: “There is no question, therefore, that the work to be done in familiarizing the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time. These Mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field . . . When the Great One comes with His disciples and initiates we shall have … the restoration of the Mysteries and their exoteric presentation as a consequence of the first initiation.” (49)

Word of power and pillars of the universe

Spurgeon: “It is always with Jesus to speak the Word of power, for He is, Himself, the Word of power. He is God’s Word—the Word that built the heavens, the word that establishes the pillars of the universe, and when He speaks thus, it is not a mere wish, it is not a mere prayer, it is not a mere declaration, even, of a fact—it is the fulfillment of wish and prayer, and the application of the fact! “(50)

The occult: “Words of power are an important extension of the science of mantras—enunciated sound with spiritual intent. These words of power exist on all levels from the macrocosmic creation of our solar system to the microcosm of the humble disciple who attempts to verbally approximate some interior state of sound that is not yet known subjectively. In the third of the six stages of building the antahkarana bridge the student is given a word of power to enunciate on the high mental plane. It is this word of power enunciated through an act of will that drives the dual rays of the personality and soul and their unique coloring up onto triadic levels.” (51)

Freemasonry: “These emanations taken as a whole constitute the archetypal Man, the Heavenly Man, the Adam Kadmon, the Tree of Life, the pattern after which all human beings are built by this invisible architect which inheres within the living entries. These emanations are generally arranged in three columns or groups. Those constituting the right side of the Adam Kadmon are masculine, those constituting the left of the Adam Kadmon, are the feminine, and the androgynous emanations form the middle pillar. These three groups of emanations constitute the pillars of the universe, and are designated the Wisdom (masculine), the Beauty (androgynous), and Strength (feminine) pillars, and in Freemasonry are represented respectively by the Doric, the Corinthian, and the Ionic columns or orders of architecture.” (52)

the divine ray (Spurgeon teaches that illumination comes from the divine ray. Occultists teach the same concept.)

Spurgeon: “We have come tonight to speak to those who feel their spiritual blindness and are pining for the light of God—the light of pardon, the light of love and peace, the light of holiness and purity. Our eager desire is that the pall of darkness may be lifted, that the divine ray may find a passage into the soul’s inner gloom and cause the night of nature to pass away forever. O that the moment of day-dawn may be just at hand to many of you who are “only blind.” Immediate illumination is the blessing I implore upon you.” (53)

The Alexandrian School: “For it is not possible that the Divine Ray should otherwise illuminate us, except so far as it is enveloped, for the purpose of sacred instruction, in variegated veils, and arranged naturally and appropriately, for such as we are, by paternal forethought.” (54)

glorified spirits (occultism, Spiritualism)

Spurgeon: “It is the thought, “You God see me.” It is nothing that angels see me, it is nothing that devils watch me, it is nothing that the glorified spirits observe me—compared with the overwhelming truth—God at all times sees me! Let us dwell on that, now, and may God the Spirit make use of it to our spiritual profit!” (55)

Egyptian occultism: “The Papyrus of Ani (Egyptian book of the Dead created c. 1250 BCE): Chapter 44 A spell for not dying again in the underworld. Words spoken by the Osiris Ani: My cavern is open; my cavern is open; the glorified spirits in darkness fall. The Eye of Horus sanctifies me; the Opener of Ways has nursed me. I have hidden myself among you, the never-setting stars. [My] neck is as Ra; my face is open; my heart is on its place atop my mouth which [I] know. I am Ra, behold, Ra himself. I am not ignorant of you, I do not injure you. Your father lives for you, the son of Nut. I am your great son who sees your secrets. I am crowned as king of the gods; I will not die again in the underworld.” (56)

Spiritualism: “Perhaps the glorified spirits of just men made perfect, may, like the angels, be employed in carrying on the purposes of God in the world. It is said of them, ‘His servant shall serve 11™.’ ” (Heb. 22.) (56a)

heavenly alphabet (Cabala, Kabbalah)

Spurgeon: “Grace commences to save, and it perseveres till all is done. From first to last, from the “A” to the “Z” of the heavenly alphabet, everything in salvation is of grace and grace alone. All is of free favor, nothing of merit.” (57)

Cabbalist doctrine: Every pagan trick of dethroning God and enthroning individual spirits is employed by the Cabalists. “Casting of Lots, Necromancy, Exorcism…Bibliomancy, and the mysticism of numbers and letters were developed into complete systems. Hence the cabalistic doctrine of the heavenly alphabet, whose signs are the constellations and the stars. Thus Astrology was legitimized, and Bibliomancy found its justification in the assumption that the sacred Hebrew letters are not merely signs for things, but implements of divine powers by means of which nature may be subjugated” (by man)), says the Jewish Encyclopedia, under “Cabala,” p. 479) (57a)

Kabbalah: “Another teaching of the Zohar [the chief text of the Jewish Kabbalah] is that the lower world is an image of the one above it. Every phenomenon of nature is the expression of a divine idea. The starry firmament is a heavenly alphabet by which the wise and spiritually-minded can read the interpretation of the present and the history of the future. So with respect to man; he is the compendium and climax of the works of God, the terrestrial shekinah.” (58)

fire of life

Spurgeon: “Consider, too, O aged man, if you are put into the vineyard at this eleventh hour, how little you can do for others! You cannot preach the gospel now; your eyes are, perhaps, too dim even to read God’s Word to others; your voice has lost melody; the windows out of which lust once looked have become darkened, and you cannot hope that the fire of life shall light them up again.” (59)

Theosophy: “Equated with Living Fire as “a figure of speech to denote deity, the ‘One’ life. A theurgic term, used later by the Rosicrucians. The symbol of the living fire is the sun, certain of whose rays develop the fire of life in a diseased body, impart the knowledge of the future to the sluggish mind, and stimulate to active function a certain psychic and generally dormant faculty in man” (TG 119).” (59a)

Theosophy: “Fire (Living). A figure of speech to denote deity, the “One” life. A theurgic term, used later by the Rosicrucians. The symbol of the living fire is the sun, certain of whose rays develop the fire of life in a diseased body, impart the knowledge of the future to the sluggish mind, and stimulate to active function a certain psychic and generally dormant faculty in man. The meaning is very occult.” (60)

tongue of fire

Spurgeon: “As for you, your business is to work for the spreading of His kingdom, to be continually scattering the light you have and praying for more—to be waiting upon God for more of the tongue of fire, for more of the baptism of the Eternal Spirit, for more vital quickening power!” (61)

Freemasonry teaches that a “tongue of fire” comes from a Universal spirit:

“Our system therefore asks us to think of the triangular flap as the sacramental sign of the presence in ourselves of the Divine Essence, an Essence which, because it is Divine, comprises all the attributes of Divinity–all knowledge, all power, all wisdom, strength and beauty. In our basic, real self, each of us is all that; each of us is, as the flame-shaped pyramidal emblem is meant to indicate, a ‘‘tongue of fire,” a spiritual flamelet from the primor-dial infinite fire of Universal spirit, but as yet unconscious of the fact and without realised experience of it.” (62)

Assistant Spirit (It means familiar spirit)

Spurgeon: “II. WE NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT AS AN ASSISTANT SPIRIT IN ALL THE DUTIES WE HAVE TO PERFORM. The most common Christian duty is that of prayer, for the meanest child of God must be a praying child. Remember, then, that it is written, “The Spirit also helps our infirmities, for we know not what to pray for as we ought.” The Spirit of God is in the covenant as the Great Aid to us in all our petitions to the throne of grace.” (63)

Shamanism: “His father has also given him an assistant spirit – the idjikhi` (a celestial spirit) and a staff (the bolo`) {cf. the kerukeion of Hermes (caduceus of Mercurius)} which helps him to convey the souls into the “buni`” : there in an image of the “neka mafa`” on it – the contemporary of the three suns, the driver of the magical staff.” (64)

life-force/life force Also see: Charles Spurgeon’s Occult Energy Doctrines: Life Force/Life-Force

Spurgeon: “In consequence of the life of Christ in us, we grow. The growing of the branch is really the growing of the vine. It is because the stem grows that it sends its growth into the branch and manifests it there. As Christ pours His life-force into us, He makes us grow, to the glory of his grace.” (65)

Spurgeon: “But go and proclaim the dying love of Jesus; tell them that free grace reigns, and that undeserved mercy saves the sinner through faith in Christ, and that the moment he believes in Jesus there is no condemnation to him, and you shall see miracles accomplished. In the experience of free grace you have something to work upon, you have put a new affection into the man, and it will drive out his base affections. A life force is communicated to him, which will cause him to forsake his old ways and turn unto the Lord.” (65a)

Reiki (witchcraft): “It is the life force. It is also called the vital life force or the universal life force. This is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things. As long as something is alive, it has life force circulating through it and surrounding it; when it dies, the life force departs.” (66)

jewel of the universe

(Spurgeon also used the Masonic titles: empire of the universe, emperor of the universe, Ruler of the universe, universal ruler and more)

Spurgeon: “Our honour and the honour of the church are small matters, but the glory of God is the jewel of the universe, of which all else is but the setting; and we may come to the Lord and plead his jealousy for his name, being well assured that he will not suffer that name to be dishonoured.” (67)

channeled statement: “There is much going on in this planet that you’ve never seen in 4D, don’t know about, and don’t understand yet. Perhaps you think that it’s only when you return home that you will be able to look backwards and say, “Oh, now I understand how the earth was. What a test and challenge.” That’s not so, for the whole picture and the power of it can be known as you sit in the chair. Things are changing, including your ability to understand that which is interdimensional. This jewel of the Universe you call your planetary home is unique! There is no place like it anywhere—not with the energy of Earth. What happens here will affect so much of the universe at the cellular level—and you know it.” (68)

Father of the universe (Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Ecumenical)

Spurgeon: “We see that our Lord is here termed both Klm, and Klm Nb, being king himself, and also the son of a king; both as respects his human origin, having come forth from the stock of David, and also as to his divine origin; for the Father of the universe may, of course, be properly denominated King.” (69) j

Prayer in the Masonic Lodge: “Vouchsafe Thine aid, Almighty Father of the Universe, to this our present convention, and grant that this candidate for Masonry may dedicate and devote his life to Thy service, and become a true and faithful brother among us. Endue him with a competency of Thy Divine Wisdom, that, by the influence of the pure principles of’ our Fraternity, he may be better enabled to display the beauties of holiness, to the honor of Thy Holy Name. Amen. (Prayer in the Masonic Lodge.” (70)

Gnosticism: “The Perfect Savior said to them: ‘I want you to know that Sophia, the Mother of the Universe and the consort, desired by herself to bring these to existence without her male (consort). But by the will of the Father of the Universe, that his unimaginable goodness might be revealed, he created that curtain between the immortals and those that came afterward, that the consequence might follow …’ “[BG 118:] (71)

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