How the Spirit of Jezebel takes over Churches

If you read Revelation chapter 2, you will notice that the Congregation in Thyatira was commended by Yahusha for their excellence, love, service, and fruitfulness in their works (twice).

However, they still had problems with tolerating the doctrine and spirit of Jezebel. Why?

Jezebel isn’t satisfied or content with simple fruitfulness in obedience. She isn’t satisfied or content with servanthood and good works. The incremental growth of obedience is not enough.

She wants expansion. She wants fame. She wants impact. She wants influence over the masses. She has no patience. She pushes ambition over faithfulness. She wants more.

She pushes for compromise in order to reach a bigger audience. Humble service and good works are not effective enough – she wants to go viral. So she introduces a virus. She introduces mixture and false doctrine into holy ministry in order to appeal to the flesh and get more “results.”

The spiritual push for false worship results in idolatry – a violation of our covenant with Yah. This creates an open door for devils to come into the congregation and influence fornication and adultery – a violation of our covenant with our spouses.

This is why obedient, humble and fruitful congregations often get pushed over the edge into spiritual adultery… then over time they become full of natural adultery, divorce & remarriage, and other sexual sins.

Saints, if you notice mixture, or spiritual compromise, or an outbreak of adultery and fornication in your Congregation – GET OUT… before it affects your children and family.

Elders & Overseers, do not tolerate spiritual Jezebels, nor the physical ones. Grow the Kingdom of God with obedience, patience, and faith.

Keep the Kingdom Gospel, Kingdom Commandments, and Kingdom Ordinances as your ONLY strategy for discipleship in Christ.

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