False Apostles can’t Stand before John – the Apostle of Love

John the Apostle of love has been my favorite Apostle for many years. His poetic language and imagery, his grasp of the Love of God, and His passion for holiness are an inspiration to my walk with Christ. He leaned on the bosom of the Messiah. John supposedly was the youngest of the original 12, and he outlived everyone.

He lasted the longest so he saw the most attacks and confronted the most errors. I’m learning recently that John takes the concepts that are “hard to be understood” and simplifies them to the most common denominator, making them easy to understand and actionable.

All of the Apostles including Peter, James, Paul, and John were in complete agreement with Jesus. The mark of a false Apostle is disagreement with the originals. A lot of false Apostles can’t stand before John. He makes their lies stand out clear.

Study the books written by John the Apostle of the love of God, it will help you in your interpretation and action in the Scriptural text. Love is an action word.

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