Hip Hop Jesus & Hippie Jesus – False Truth & False Grace

A national prophetic ministry came out yesterday 8.13.2019 with a prophetic dream about a False Jesus deceiving Believers on the West Coast, the East Coast, and Worship teams all over America.

I immediately knew it was of the Most High because I been trying to tell people for YEARS that there’s a false Jesus in these exact places.

– Bethel has had a lot of false doctrine influence, mixture, and spirit of jezebel. Many so called “theologically sound” Christian hip hop artists and oratory performance based ministries do the same thing.
– Creative pride cannot replace true doctrine and humility.
– False grace & signs & wonders & fake love cannot replace repentance and obedience to the Laws, Commandments, and New Covenant Ordinances of Jesus – True Love, True Grace.
– Intellectual pride & Theological debate & Oratory Performance cannot replace humble action & obedience.
– Jesus never charged for discipleship or created Seminaries.

Beware of Music inspired by East Coast hip hop theological Jesus or West Coast hippie sign & wonder Jesus. False Truth, False Grace – both produce False Christs.

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