GET FREE from the DOCTRINE of the NIKOLAITANS::: Even though everything that I preach and teach is written as plain as day in the Scriptures… there are many that think I’m “extreme”, or in error, or wrong in some kind of way. Why is that? I’ll tell you why.

Nike – the shoe company name comes from a Greek word – Nikos. Nikos means “to conquer.” Nikolaitan is Nikos (conquer) + laity (people).

The doctrine of the Nikolaitans is a form of religious sorcery that “conquers the people” instead of “serving and teaching” the people.

The doctrine of the Nikolaitans is a strategy to control and bind up the minds and bodies of people within religious groups, organizations, and denominations.

It MASQUERADES as “submission to authority”, but it is completely based on FALSE authority, NOT God ORDAINED authority. Jesus HATES the doctrine of the Nikolaitans.

Revelation 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the DOCTRINE of the NICOLAITANS, which thing I hate.

This is why there are doctrines that are plain to see in the Scriptures – but you still can’t believe, respond to, or obey them because your denomination/organization hasn’t allowed it yet. The doctrine of the Nikolaitans (which Jesus hates) is where Roman Catholicism, Political Christendom, and Denominationalism comes from.

It’s not harmless – it’s end goal is to lead you into idolatry (graven images, covetousness, false gods), and it justifies fornication and adultery (divorce & remarriage, lust), which will also destroy you and your children.

Your mind has been conquered and bound. You can’t even believe, acknowledge, or actually obey the simple truth because it hasn’t been approved by false authority. Who has bewitched you?

The Roman Catholic church tried to stop people from reading the Scripture for hundreds of years. Now we can actually read it (YAH preserves His Word to every generation) but we are somehow still blind to entire sections of it because of the same doctrine of the Nikolaitans.

Instead of doing the work of rightly dividing the Word, we get Seminary Scissors™️ handed down to us telling us which Scriptures apply to us today. Our minds have been blinded.

I am not at all saying that Godly Order is a bad thing. Submission is good. Patience is good. Rebellion is bad. Getting ahead of GOD’s timing is bad.

Righteous Authority, decency, and order is GOOD. Ungodly Authority and mental manipulation is BAD. Very simple stuff.

However – SUPPRESSING the Truth instead of RELEASING the Truth is always EVIL. There’s no excuse for it.

Fear of loss and control CANNOT stop Truth, and should not stop our declaration and obedience TO Truth.

LET’S GET FREE from the doctrine of the Nikolaitans.

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