What is the Agenda of the Body of Christ in the Last Days?

What exactly is a Kingdom Assembly in the Body of Christ?

What is the Agenda of the Assembly?

What is the prophetic agenda of the Ecclessia in the last days?

How do we direct our vision, energy, and resources to doing God’s will for the last generations before the return of Jesus?

Listen to this 3 part teaching as we give a Scriptural framework for the Apostolic and Prophetic AGENDA of Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone and Head of the Congregation.

The King’s Agenda is not buying & selling, farming, politics, branding, real estate, speed dating, or entertainment. It’s not coming up with our own creative conceits and alternative forms of ministry.

In this 3 part series we go in depth and very PRACTICAL on Scriptural Prophecies showing that God’s Expressed Purpose and the Agenda of the Messiah for His Bride in the Last Days is:

1. Releasing the Spirit of Elijah by Destroying Idolatry
2. Restoring House to House Evangelism & Discipleship in the order of Jesus Christ
3. Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David
4. Preaching and Teaching the Gospel to Every Ethnicity
5. Awakening the Scattered Tribes of Israel

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