Black Families::: It wasn’t slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, or miseducation that broke us.

1960s to Today

It wasn’t slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, or mis-education that broke us.

Those things had an effect, but those things have never destroyed our families permanently. We’ve always bounced back thru our character and integrity. How were we able to create such great communities after slavery, and Jim Crow, and lynchings? We even bounced back after the Black Wall Street, and Rosewood Massacre, and from Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics based “Negro Project” to create successful families and communities. We always bounced back!

So what destroyed the Hebrew family long-term? What finally broke us?

1. Motown Music Factory: Self-Sponsored corruption of our worship and our marriages, set stage for a culture of idolatry and adultery and divorce, leading to fatherlessness.

2. Sexual Revolution/Birth Control/Abortion Industry: Business-Sponsored destruction of Covenant faithfulness, death culture curse released.

3. Blaxploitation Pimp Culture Films: Entertainment-Induced culture of laziness, degradation and idle dreams.

4. Welfare Industry: Government-Sponsored break up of families, removing fathers from children.

5. Drug Industry & War on Drugs: Government-Sponsored destruction of communities by trafficking drugs into our communities, and then declaring war on drugs to stimulate the warfare economy.

The destruction was definitely planned.

It will most definitely be completely reversed when we return to the COMMANDMENTS of GOD and the FAITH of JESUS.

Honoring the first 5 will lead you to Honoring the whole 10, which will lead you to the KINGDOM GOSPEL OF THE GRACE of Jesus Christ the Messiah – who is THE KING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

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