Do You Desire to Be a Pastor? Don’t Let the Wizards of Odd Stop You.

Don’t let some controlling spiritual wizard try to overmystify the work of a “pastor,” elder, or overseer. “I can do this but you can’t, because I’m special and you’re not.” 
That’s not only the opposite of kingdom discipleship, it’s also a lie. An overseer is simply a good spiritual work – it’s not some spooky, mysterious, “secret” calling only meant for flamboyant personalities. 
If you have the qualifications, you CAN do it, and you should be encouraged to do it. If you are a man of God, all you need is CHRIST, proven CHARACTER (proven by your family), and a DESIRE to do this Good Work.
This is a true saying, if a man DESIRE the office of a bishop, he DESIRETH a good WORK. 1 Timothy 3:1

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