Prophets Aren’t Perfect, but the Word of God is.

Elijah & Elisha were far from perfect in their deliveries and personalities, but they always called down fire from heaven and called people back to the commandments of YAHUAH Elohim. That’s why I’ll never hate on the Spirit of Elijah when I hear it. I appreciate the fire of God.

Jude 1
22 And of some have COMPASSION, making a DIFFERENCE:
23 And others save with FEAR, pulling them out of the fire; HATING even the GARMENT spotted by the FLESH.

Its okay to have compassion and make a difference.
Its also okay to preach the fear of God and hate fleshly garments.

When you teach and preach the Word with patience and love: rebellious people ignore the Word. “It’s too boring, your not anointed, I’ll go some where else.”

When you teach and preach the Word with boldness and fire: rebellious people reject the Word. “It’s too harsh, you don’t have any love, you’re pushing people away.”

When you mix the Word with marketing gimmicks, personal pride, ungodly music, seduction, covetousness: Rebellious people love it because you have completely removed the conviction from it. Now they don’t have to change anything about their lives until they feel like it.

The humble respond to the Word differently than the rebellious. Seek to be humble to the Word and don’t worry about how rebellious people respond to it.

Prophets aren’t perfect, but the Word of God is. You don’t have to follow hypocrites, but you do have to respect, obey and readjust your life to the Word of God. Harden not your heart. Excuses won’t save you. Humility and obedience will.

Psalm 34:2 My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad

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