Light & Darkness Don’t Mix in Music Ministry

Everything is not about heaven or hell. Some things just affect our eternal fruit. Will you produce wood, hay & stubble? Or will you produce fruit that remains? Gold, Silver, Precious Stones?
What produces lasting fruit?
– Obedience
– Holiness
– Discipleship
– Holy Spirit powered Evangelism
What produces wood, hay, stubble?
– Mixing light with darkness
– Compromising the truth and raping the scriptures
– Using Jesus name to market yourself and make money
– Making ministry agreements with idols and wicked organizations
God can speak through a donkey. But can you disciple a donkey? Or will you just ride him to be seen?
God can make a rock cry out in praise. But are we called to follow rocks? Or build them into living stones into the temple of God?
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! But lay hands on NO man suddenly, don’t be a partaker of other men’s sins.
God asks us to preach the gospel and disciple saints, not partner in ministry with unbelievers.

Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.
2 Chr.19:2b

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