Suppressing the Truth is Evil. Period.

TRUTH makes people FREE, and where the SPIRIT of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. (John 8, 2 Cor 3).

One of the reasons I call my blog SoSpression is because it’s the OPPOSITE of suppression.

Suppressing the truth is an act of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! (Romans 1:18) We don’t need to suppress the truth, we need to RELEASE the truth!

In 2nd Thessalonians 3 Apostle Paul instructs the congregation to pray that the word of the Lord would SPREAD RAPIDLY and have free course and be glorified. And that the ministers of the word would be protected from evil man that don’t have faith. People that try to block and obstruct the truth from being plainly seen in the open are called EVIL MEN…

Jesus also said WOE to the instructors of the law that keep the keys of knowledge away from the people.

Some religious authorities refuse to accept keys of knowledge that open up the entire scripture and make things clear. They also try to block other people from entering into revelation of the scripture through these keys of knowledge. (Luke 11:52)

The nation of Israel was always destroyed because not only did they disobey God, they continually rejected every single messenger that God sent to confirm and clarify His Word.

These prophets weren’t accepted because they didn’t fit in with authority, or they weren’t cool enough, or they wouldn’t go along with what was popular. Israel destroyed themselves, and they had no excuses because of their track record of rejecting God’s messengers over and over and over again (Daniel 9).

There is never ever ever a good reason to block, suppress, or refuse to promote the truth.

– Even if it didn’t come out of your congregation, or your denomination, or your group, or your race, or your network, or someone under your control, spread the truth anyway.

– Even if the person who shares it is different, or a little “weird” to you, or has a quirky personality, learn how to chew the meat and spit out the bones. Respect the truth and spread it anyway.

– Even if you don’t think people are “ready yet”, spread the truth anyway. When God releases truth, God is ready to set people free, so spread the truth.

– Even if you are embarrassed because it corrects something in one of your previous teachings, or blogs, or books, or sermons, spread the truth anyway.

– Even if the person who shares it is younger than you, or not as “holy” as you are, spread the truth anyway.

– Even if your financial support will temporarily go down because it’s an unpopular or hard truth, spread the truth anyway.

– Even if the person who says it has less influence and less talent than you, or is not as rich as you, spread the truth anyway.

– Don’t call something false doctrine because it makes you uncomfortable, when you know it’s really not. Do your due diligence in research, and then release the truth.

– Spreading the truth is not the same as laying hands on someone or giving them a platform. You don’t have to give anyone authority without them being proven faithful over time. However, don’t use that as an excuse to try to suppress or block the truth. Release the truth.

– Spreading the truth is not disrespecting authority. Young Samuel loved Eli, but when the Word of the Lord came to warn and change the status quo, Samuel wanted to suppress the truth out of the fear of what his Priest/adopted father would think about it. But neither God nor Eli would let Samuel hide the Word of the Lord. Release the truth.

Learn to discern Gods voice and respect it no matter where it comes from. If you really care about people, you will spread and release the Truth that makes people free.

People with little spiritual authority often mistake God’s authority as disrespect for man’s authority, because God’s authority is naturally higher than mans.

When you actively release truth instead of suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, prepare to be hated, ignored, gossiped on, falsely accused, shunned, hushed, and despised by people who love man’s authority but despise God’s.

No matter how kind or respectful you are, your trust in the truth of Gods authority will be characterized as proof of “rebellion” and “bitterness.” They’ve been running these same games for thousands of years.

Don’t worry about it, you are in good company, and you are being set up for great rewards. Keep releasing the truth!

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