Fascism vs Communism – I’ll choose Kindgom

The problem with NATIONALISM/FASCISM is that men are corrupt, and every nation WILL reap what they sow, no matter their ethnicity.There is no nation ready to take what they have dished out. Progressive Evil is still evil.

The problem with COMMUNISM/MARXISM is that it’s Pure Evil, because it’s based on a spiritual anti-God belief. This always begins and ends with atrocious murders.

Free Market Capitalism?

Free Market Capitalism has NEVER existed in the USA.

The only free market that we have ever had is the market based on free handouts by FORCE: free land and free labor. That’s not Free Market, that’s theft, murder, menstealing, rape. Fascism.

Fascism exalts nation and race above the individual. This is why American Central government divides people by race, and took trillions in land from one race, then took trillions in labor from another race.

If America was a Free Market it would have traded those things for equal value. But it’s not – its Fascist.

Right Wing Fascists still scoff at the idea of undoing what they have done with Reparations.

After that, the Banks took over to manipulate the currency by FORCE. That’s not a free market, that’s called FASCISM.

So we pretty much always end up with Evil vs Evil… Both lose in my book – the Bible.

I’d rather pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of God and our King Yeshua the Messiah!

MARXISM/Communism: we are smart enough to kill you, take what you have, and control your economy.

FASCISM/Nationalism: God called our nation to kill you, take what you have, and control your economy.

It’s the SAME THING family!

The Left Wing and Right Wing are the SAME BEAST!

Stop listening to the Politrickal Hypocrites.


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