truth or lie Thursdays 9.8.2016



Truth or Lie Thursdays is meant to answer all your questions, doubts, and issues with the Bible, Jesus, and Christian faith. Inbox me your questions on Thursday and I will do my best to do some research and give you an answer. Here are some of the questions that I got permission to share:



Q: How did anyone record Jesus being tempted when he was alone with Satan? And also who recorded at the transfiguration (Garden of Gethsemane) because it says “peter & all who were with him were asleep.”

A: They were told what happened by God… Jesus could have told them. The Holy Spirit also could have told them.



Q: I feel like I have been deceived by the enemy…when God said he will restore my marriage I know it was from God….because I was told to meditate in the scriptures and confess the Word in which I did….but my husband has went the total opposite direction, not even wanting to be around me, so I have decided to push the divorce through… what is going on? I need answers I’m confused…

A: God can restore your marriage but God also does not force His will on anyone. Any person can reject God’s will, but you want to make sure that you are the one who doesn’t reject God’s will. Jesus is the only person who completely fulfilled the will of God, and He made a way for us to follow Him. My recommendation is not to push the divorce but remain patient in prayer and fasting until death or until restoration of the marriage.




Q: There is a Preacher here on Facebook… Some of his post are so on point; however some throw me off. He is completely against the Trinitarian Gospel and anything along those lines. I’m confused.

Q: Also a couple of weeks ago someone taught against pleading the blood of Jesus. Basically saying that it’s not a biblical practice… Now that’s a practice that I’ve been taught, are we wrong when we plead the blood of Jesus? I don’t want to be drawn into confusion by these Facebook preachers.

A: Oneness Pentecostals believe in Jesus but they don’t believe in the trinity. I don’t agree with them on their understanding of oneness, but I do believe God honors their belief and trust in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus and their willingness to call upon His name. Many of them have the Holy Ghost and good fruits despite their misunderstanding of Gods oneness.


A: As far as pleading the blood… When a lawyer pleads a case it’s because he is fighting for a cause. When we fight our cause in the kingdom of God, the blood is the evidence that we bring. So if you understand what pleading the blood means, it means we come to the Father boldly because of the Blood (Hebrews 11) we also overcome the devil by the blood (revelation 12). Also our redemption is by the blood (1 Peter). So if you understand what you are pleading for and pleading with, then it’s fine to pray and speak based on the blood of Jesus. But if you are just using it as a “magic phrase” then of course it might not be as useful as it should be…



Q: Where in the Bible does it say that a couple must date for a year… Then go to counseling before they can get married?

A: Ha ha! Funny question. It doesn’t say that anywhere. Cultures and couples that have character, integrity, and understand covenant can have successful marriages even if they are arranged marriages that have never even met each other. If you have a word from God and the character and integrity to match it, you can have a successful lifelong marriage without dating at all.

It’s all about understanding covenant, character, and having communication skills and faithfulness.

However many in our society today are not raised with integrity and don’t understand covenant, and are raised in unfaithful environments, and they don’t have faithful parents to guide them… So I can understand why some pastors would tell baby Christians fresh out the world to slow down and take a year to make sure they aren’t making a bad decision.



Q: I have a question, can someone in leadership that you believe to be under a Jezebel spirit, can they still operate under the Holy Spirit?

A: Very interesting question… The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. There are times when we choose to walk in the spirit, and times where we choose to follow the flesh. If a spirit filled person allows their lust for power and influence to go unchecked, they may fall into a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel is basically using (corruption instead of diligence) and mixture (instead of holiness) to gain influence and power. (Revelation 2) So I would say it’s possible to follow the Holy Spirit but then fall into a temptation to be corrupted because of your fleshly desires and lack of patience. We all have to choose to die daily and out our flesh under. Romans 8 talks about that choice we have. Also for another example, Balaam in Numbers 25. He operated in the spirit of Balaam, because he wanted to gain wealth, but yet he was still gifted and able to hear clearly from God at the same time.

Q: If someone is under a leader that has a Jezebel spirit, do you believe that they can change? Or will they continue to operate under it if no one says anything? And could there be anything that a member of the church can do to acknowledge this spirit? Or do you think the member should just leave?

A: Jezebel is a very powerful and difficult spirit to deal with because it appears to be so successful in what it does, and it even seduces other leaders to follow it. The problem is it destroys your children and causes spiritual death to the next generation of disciples. Jesus won’t allow it to pass to the next generation (Reveleation 2 He said I will kill her children with death) It takes a strong prophetic function to call it out and then a strong apostolic leadership function to discipline or get rid of it. Elijah couldn’t even complete the work, He didn’t have enough confidence, so God had to use Elisha plus Jehu. As someone not on the leadership team of your ministry the best thing to do would be to start out in prayer. See if God will change things… If God uses you to share His word with your leadership then go ahead. If He leads you to another ministry just do that.

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