The Real Reasons Elijah & Jezebel don’t Get Along

The spirit of Elijah and the spirit of Jezebel will never come into agreement because a spirit that restores God’s purposes will never get along with a spirit that murders God’s purposes:

  • The spirit of Elijah is sent to Restore Elohim’s Order, but the spirit of Jezebel only survives in Rebellion.
  • The spirit of Elijah is called to bring Clarity, but the spirit of Jezebel thrives in an atmosphere of Confusion
  • The spirit of Elijah is Straightforward and Direct with Pure Truth, but the spirit of Jezebel is more effective using Mixture and Artificiality to Seduce.
  • Whenever the spirit of Elijah executes Yah’s Commandments with Conviction, the spirit of Jezebel refuses Submission, and instead plays the Victim.

If you are on YAHUAH’S Side, make sure you know and operate in the right spirit. Elijah didn’t need a crowd on his side for YAH’S fire to fall.

All Elijah had was his voice and the Word of God. That was enough for the fire of YAH to fall.

Jezebel’s goal was to discourage, distract, and shut down the voice of Elijah.

YAH prevails through the double portion of the voice/spirit of Elijah.

Jezebel is A Liar

When seduction or discouragement doesn’t work, the spirit of Jezebel does her work with lies.

The spirit of Jezebel is such an amazing liar because it has a direct connection to the “depths of Satan, as they speak…” as Jesus mentioned in Revelation 2:24.

Those operating in the doctrine of Jezebel have the most DIRECT LINE to Satan’s lies:

Eve was able to convince a SINLESS MAN named Adam to sin because she had access to lies directly from satan.

Delilah told several bold-faced lies to destroy a sinful but MIGHTY MAN named Samson – after her seductions failed – because she had access to lies directly from Satan.

Jezebel was able to convince POWERFUL Elijah to give up – even though he was ALREADY VICTORIOUS – because she had access to lies directly from Satan.

If you choose to walk in Revival, Restoration and Awakening of the Kingdom of God, you cannot allow any lies from the spirit of Jezebel to deceive you.

Don’t look for permission from stubborn or rebellious people to walk in REVIVAL, RESTORATION, and AWAKENING. Find the few that walk in His Spirit, His Commandments, and His Natural and Spiritual Order.

A wicked and adulterous generation has more Witches operating in Rebellion and Independence than it has Prophets operating in Repentance and Submission.

At the VERY SAME TIME the masses and the crowds are being deceived, the spirit of Elijah will be Restoring All Things – FOR THE FEW THAT BE SAVED. It will not be televised.

Then Yashuah will come like a thief in the night to Judge all Nations, and Judge every individual Soul.

Let me reiterate this: the Spirit of Elijah is what God sends to prepare us for Jesus’s Return.

Just like His first coming, if you’re not ready for Elijah the prophet, you are not ready for Jesus the King.

Matthew 17:11 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

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