Deception: The Great Commission is our highest priority.

Deception: The Great Commission is our highest priority. Win the lost at any cost.
Truth: The Great Commission is your THIRD highest priority in the kingdom of God.
The highest priority is the GREAT COMMANDMENT: Love God with ALL your HEART, SOUL, MIND STRENGTH. – Obedience, Holiness, prayer, a renewed mind, let God takeover your soul.
The 2nd priority is the SECOND COMMANDMENT: Love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself. – this includes your family first, church next, and your community.
The 3rd priority: Preach the gospel. Make disciples from every nationality… teaching them to obey God’s commands. – when you have done 1 and 2, this becomes easy and filled with power. You won’t have to compromise or get rich to do it.
American style Christianity places these priorities upside down… and that’s why our effectiveness is upside down. Ever wondered why there’s 3 churches on every block but no revival or change in your region? This is your answer. Invest your time, energy, and money accordingly.

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