SoSpression Blog Summary November 2012

SoSpression Blog Summary November 2012


People from nations all over the world log in to the SoSpression blog every day. Here are the top messages for the month of November 2012:

Open Letter from Ex-Pagan on Halloween – very insightful!


I am Not a Media Whore, I am an Eternal Soul, so I will write in the Candidate I Choose

A Powerful Anointing of JOY Comes when You Love God/ Hate Sin with Proof


Have a BIG view of God, and a Small View of Yourself


Is America Under Judgement Or Is this the Beginning of the Last Generation?




Are We Living for “likes” or Living for LOVE?

Fathers, Don’t Make Your Children Angry on Purpose

Liberty and Freedom? Or The Word and the Holy Spirit


Sexual Holiness is All in Your MIND


CONTRAST: Use Their Lies to Make the Truth Shine Brighter


A Cultural Abortion


Why You Cant Stop Cussin Yet


GIANT Evidence that the Bible is True and Truly Historical – very interesting!




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