Quick Message to Kingdom Promoters

Quick Tips for Kingdom Promoters

I am Truly THANKFUL to God for all of the Kingdom Promoters promoting Jesus thru live events and music!

Most people would think that a bunch of promoters would be jealous and competitive. But in the Kingdom of God it is the opposite!

We rejoice because the gospel of Christ is preached! (Phil 1) We can reach our entire state and nation for Christ if we operate NOT as one organization, but as one Mind and one Spiritual Body.

I encourage you all to:

Keep Faith First

– Use your promotion (message, music, and marketing) to preach the gospel. Do not hide the gospel to increase your promotion. The gospel is the power of God (Rom 1:16). If you use parables, then interpret them so that the meaning is clear, so you can make disciples (Matthew 13). Don’t ever sell out Jesus Christ. Our shield of faith is always up front for protection.

Preach and OutReach

– Hit the streets and promote the gospel of Christ. Always invite nonbelievers that you don’t know. Give away free stuff and do volunteer and outreach ministry.

Go House to House

– Teach your sphere of influence to live the lifestyle of the Kingdom of God. Teach whatever scriptures you learn on a weekly basis. Do bible studies. Throw house parties. Host prayer meetings. People need brotherhood, house-to-house fellowship, and lifestyle discipleship, not just stage-to-stage-to-stage-to-stage ministry. Those days are officially over. Stage-to-stage ministry alone leaves people empty and immature as professional spectators.

Stay 50/50

– Match your ministry-to-others time with your ministry-to-the-Lord time. If you are hosting a 3 hour event, first minister to the Lord in your closet for 3 hours. You can call it “50/50.” This will keep you balanced.

God Bless You to Be Fruitful and Multiply!


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